Yves Saint Laurent Paris Eau de Toilette Spray for Women – Captivating Scent of Romance in the City of Love



Transport yourself to the magical city of Paris with each spritz of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic women’s fragrance. This captivating eau de toilette evokes the romance and elegance of Paris through its bright, floral scent accented by woodsy notes. Each 4.2 oz bottle contains a treasure trove of memories just waiting to envelop you.

Top Notes

The perfume opens with effervescent top notes of cranberry, raspberry, bergamot, and lemon. This juicy medley evokes images of sipping sparkling wine at a Parisian cafe surrounded by the lush aromas of fresh fruit. It’s bright, uplifting, and the perfect introduction to this multi-faceted fragrance.

Heart Notes

As the top notes fade, they give way to an elegant bouquet of rose, violet, and peony. Soft yet intensely floral, these heart notes capture the romantic essence of Paris. You can almost envision strolling hand-in-hand with your loved one past blooming gardens and flower stalls. It’s feminine, delicate, and sensual.

Base Notes

Finally, musky woodsy notes emerge to ground the fragrance with depth and sophistication. Sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli mingle with the lingering floral heart notes to create an exquisite harmony. It’s a natural yet intoxicating base that caresses the senses like a stroll along the Seine at dusk.

When to Wear It

Yves Saint Laurent Paris is a stunning daytime fragrance that transitions elegantly into the evening. It’s uplifting and playful for day, then becomes more mysterious and alluring in the twilight hours. Spritz it on for a morning of shopping boutiques, then refresh it for an evening at a cozy bistro. This perfume captures the full experience of a perfect day in Paris.

Who Can Wear It

This versatile eau de toilette is ideal for women of all ages. The fruity top notes appeal to younger women, while the sensual heart and base notes create an elegant composition loved by all. It’s light enough for daily wear yet special enough for romantic evenings out. And it makes a fantastic gift for the Paris lover in your life.

How to Apply

To enjoy this fragrance’s full evolution, apply Yves Saint Laurent Paris to your pulse points. Start with your wrists, then dab a bit behind your ears and on your neck for alluring sillage. The warmth of your skin will help the notes blossom and release their full potential. We recommend 2-3 spritzes for daytime and refreshing with an additional 1-2 spritzes before going out at night.

The Yves Saint Laurent Legacy

Yves Saint Laurent launched his namesake brand in 1961 and quickly became renowned for his modern, elegant fashions. In 1971, he expanded into fragrance with a women’s line. YSL Paris launched in 1983 and remains the brand’s longest-running and best-selling perfume. Capturing the essence of the city Yves Saint Laurent called home, this scent is part of his legendary legacy in luxury fashion and beauty.

The Fragrance Bottle

The architectural glass bottle reflects the sleek, contemporary design aesthetic Yves Saint Laurent was known for. Its clean lines, silver accents, and bold black logo exude modern elegance. Each 4.2 oz bottle comes nestled inside an eye-catching box in shades of pink, black, and white. The overall presentation is as stunning as the contents within.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to adore your new signature scent. That’s why each Yves Saint Laurent Paris comes backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely enamored with this perfume, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. No return authorization needed.

Transport your senses to the city of love with each spritz of Yves Saint Laurent’s Paris eau de toilette. This floral fragrance evokes the romance and sophistication of its namesake destination in a bottle. Let it whisk you away to a Parisian reverie with every wear.


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