Wake Up Everyday with Model-Worthy Eyebrows Thanks to This Easy, Affordable DIY Brow Lift Kit



Do you spend way too much time every morning filling in and shaping your brows? Are you envious of celebrities with perfectly groomed arches that frame their faces flawlessly? Then it’s time you try the beauty trick taking over Hollywood and Instagram – brow lamination.

With our easy to use MIYA LASH Brow Lamination Kit, you can lift your brows for a more youthful, awake appearance that lasts up to 6 weeks! Forget filling in your brows daily with pencils, gels and powders. Our kit provides semi-permanent results so you can save time and look gorgeous from the moment you wake up.

Get Salon-Worthy Brows for a Fraction of the Cost

Salons typically charge between $80-$200 per brow lamination treatment. Now you can get the same glamorous results for a fraction of the price right at home!

Our professional quality kit contains everything needed to lift and set your brows for flawless shape and volume. The chamomile-infused lotions gently coat each brow hair, allowing you to brush them upwards into the perfect arch. The setting lotion locks them in place.

With enough supplies to complete at least 6 full brow lift treatments, this kit pays for itself after just one use!

Flaunt Fuller, More Defined Brows for Up to 6 Weeks

Brow lamination is the secret to awake, lifted eyes that appear more youthful and refreshed. The process realigns brow hairs vertically for added volume and thickness.

Gone are the days of sparse, uneven arches! The lotions contained in our kit will train even the unruliest hairs to stay put in the direction you brush them.

Say goodbye to having to meticulously fill in brows daily. Our kit transforms thin, light arches into fuller, bolder shaping that frames your eyes beautifully.

Lift & Fill in Patches for Perfectly Groomed Brows

Brow lamination gives you the feathered, Instagram-worthy brows usually only achieved through microblading or brow extensions. But without the pain, effort and expense!

The lotions coat brow hairs, allowing you to sculpt hard to tame hairs and fill in sparse areas seamlessly. The result is polished arches with gorgeous natural-looking fullness and shape.

Longer brow hairs that stick out unruly are easily brushed into place for tidy grooming. Gaps are filled in with surrounding hairs swept to lay over bare patches.

Nourish Hair Follicles with Keratin for Healthier Brows

Many brow laminating kits rely on harsh chemicals that can damage delicate brow hairs. Our formula contains nourishing keratin proteins to condition follicles for stronger, shinier hair growth.

Chamomile, aloe and other hair-healthy extracts soothe skin while safely coating hairs from root to tip. Brows are not only lifted into the perfect arch, but also conditioned for optimal health and beauty.

We want your brows to look amazing now and in the long term! Our keratin-infused lotions promote thriving brows that can withstand the lamination process time and again.

Easy to Follow Instructions for Flawless Results

Brow lamination is easy to DIY with our professional quality kit and simple instructions! All you need is:

  • Brow adhesive – brush on to coat hairs and provide hold
  • Lifting lotion – applies over adhesive to mold hairs into desired shape
  • Setting lotion – sets brows in place so they dry lifted and volumized
  • Nutrient serum – nourishes brow hair follicles
  • Cleanser – preps brows for optimal results

We provide precision tools like brow combs and applicators so you can control each hair placement. Step-by-step directions, tips and tricks ensure you achieve gorgeous arches.

It takes just 20 minutes start to finish! Then flaunt your lush lifted brows for up to 6 weeks.

Love Your Brows Like Never Before!

Frame your eyes flawlessly and achieve gorgeous arches with our DIY Brow Lift Kit.

No more tedious brow grooming each morning. Our semi-permanent lamination gives you lush, full brows for up to 6 weeks!

Get enviable results without the salon price tag. Everything needed for professional looking brow lifts is included in our quality kit.

Discover the beauty secret known by models and celebs for opening up your eyes instantly. Bold, groomed brows give your face definition for a wide awake, youthful glow.

Order the MIYA LASH Brow Lamination Kit now and fall in love with your brows every time you look in the mirror!


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