Victor by Milton-Lloyd Men’s Aromatic Sensual Amber Fragrance



Unleash Your Charisma with Victor by Milton-Lloyd

Transform into the confident, charming man you know you can be with Victor by Milton-Lloyd. This masculine and sensual fragrance imparts power and virility designed to captivate those around you.

Victor opens with an invigorating blend of crisp apple, zesty bergamot, and tart blackcurrant. The fresh top notes provide a cooling sensation that energizes and awakens your senses. As the fragrance evolves, a heart of sweet pineapple, heady jasmine, and romantic rose emerges. Hints of fruit and florals provide an alluring scent that intrigues and draws others near.

The fragrance dries down to a sophisticated base of earthy oakmoss, warm amber, and smooth vanilla. This rich combination imparts a sensual, masculine aura designed to highlight your strength and poise. Amber intertwines with soft woods to impart a refined, yet rugged magnetism.

With sophisticated and long-lasting scents, Victor by Milton-Lloyd allows you to captivate those around you all day long. The artfully crafted fragrance has a bold sillage that announces your presence. It clings close to the skin, emanating an unforgettable trail designed to turn heads.

This aromatic amber scent is carefully constructed by master perfumers using only the finest fragrance oils. Created with a high concentration of top-quality ingredients, it provides a luxurious scent experience. However, it comes without the high price tag of most luxury perfumes.

Whether you wear it to the office, a special night out, or weekend activities, Victor gives you the confidence to take charge and unleash your most dynamic self. Spray it on pulse points like the neck, wrists, and chest so its sensual aura can fully envelop you. The metallic bottle provides an elegant, masculine touch to display on your vanity.

For the stylish yet uncomplicated man looking for a signature scent, Victor is the ideal choice. It epitomizes sophistication and virility in a captivating fragrance design. Simply spritz on this aromatic cologne to impart the sensuality and strength that comes from within. Let your true charisma shine through with the spellbinding scent of Victor by Milton-Lloyd.

Top Notes:

Apple provides a sweet, crisp freshness
Bergamot adds a lively, citrusy zing
Blackcurrant delivers a lush tartness
Heart Notes:

Pineapple brings a lush, fruity sweetness
Jasmine imparts an exotic, floral bouquet
Rose provides a soft, romantic elegance
Base Notes:

Oakmoss contributes an earthy, woody depth
Amber intertwines with a warm, luxurious radiance
Vanilla offers a smooth, creamy richness
With bold top notes that refresh, an alluring floral heart, and a sensual woody base, Victor by Milton-Lloyd is a seductive aromatic amber fragrance for men. It unleashes confidence, virility, and charisma in a sophisticated eau de parfum spray.


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