Ultimate Makeup Removing Power in Every Wipe with Neutrogena Fragrance-Free Makeup Remover Wipes



Remove Every Trace of Makeup Gently Yet Thoroughly with These Soft, Pre-Moistened Towelettes

Tired of stubborn makeup that just won’t budge no matter how hard you scrub? Want a gentle yet effective way to remove even waterproof mascara and long-wearing foundation? Look no further than Neutrogena’s Fragrance-Free Makeup Remover Wipes. Each textured, ultra-soft towelette is infused with a micellar formula that effortlessly dissolves and lifts away all traces of makeup, leaving your skin clean and refreshed in one easy step.

This 25-count pack of wipes cleanses and removes impurities just like your favorite face wash, with the convenience of disposable, mess-free application. No rinsing required! The dermatologist-tested formula quickly gets to work breaking down stubborn eye and face makeup, lifting away every last bit of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lip color and more. It removes up to 99% of makeup without the harsh tugging, pulling or rubbing that can irritate delicate skin.

Gentle Enough for Sensitive Skin But Tough on Makeup

While these wipes are gentle enough for contact lens wearers and sensitive skin, the triple-emollient formula packs a powerful makeup removing punch. It lifts waterproof mascara and eyeliner as easily as traditional makeup, leaving zero oily residue or sticky film behind. No matter what long-wearing makeup you apply in the morning, by nighttime it will be no match for the effective cleansing power of Neutrogena’s wipes.

The fragrance-free wipes are ideal for all skin types, including acne-prone skin. The formula is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. It also contains vitamin E and chamomile to condition skin and protect against environmental aggressors. Each wipe effortlessly removes all traces of makeup, sunscreen, pollution and impurities, leaving your face refreshed and ready for your evening skincare routine.

Gentle Enough to Use Around Your Eyes

Many makeup remover wipes cause stinging, irritation and redness around the delicate eye area. Not these ophthalmologist-tested, dermatologist-approved wipes! They are specifically formulated to be gentle on the sensitive skin around your eyes, so you can easily wipe away stubborn waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow without discomfort. No more rubbing or tugging at your eyes to remove every last bit of eye makeup at the end of a long day.

Compostable Makeup Remover Wipes for Cleaner Skin and a Cleaner Planet

You can feel good about caring for your skin with Neutrogena’s wipes, as they are made with sustainable VEOCEL fibers. This plant-based material comes from responsibly-sourced trees and is certified 100% compostable in home compost in just 35 days. Using wipes made from renewable materials is one small way you can reduce landfill waste and your environmental footprint.

The VEOCEL fibers allow the wipes to be soft, sturdy and textured. This means they can thoroughly cleanse skin without falling apart like some thinner, flimsier wipes. The wipes glide over your skin, trapping dirt, makeup and impurities in the textured fibers before safely biodegrading. Your skin is left clean, while the wipes are left naturally decomposing through composting. A small change that makes a big difference for your skin and the planet!

No-Rinse Cleaning for On-the-Go Convenience

Skip the sink with these no-rinse makeup remover wipes! Their rinse-free cleansing makes them ideal for use at the gym after a workout, on an airplane before landing or anytime you don’t have access to water. Keep a pack in your purse, glove compartment, gym bag or backpack for makeup removal and cleansing wherever you go.

The wipes leave no soapy residue or filmy feeling on your skin, so you can apply skincare or makeup immediately after use. They give you a quick refresh if you need to remove old makeup before reapplying, and are ideal as part of your nightly skincare prep to ensure you’ve removed every trace of makeup before applying serums, creams or oils.

A Refreshing Sensory Experience Any Time of Day

There’s nothing like the feeling of clean, fresh skin! Using Neutrogena’s wipes feels like you’re splashing your face with cool water or rinsing with a refreshing toner, but without getting your hands wet.

Each silky wipe glides across your skin, instantly making you feel revived and cleansed as you see the makeup lift away. The soft texture is soothing to the touch, while the light scent of chamomile extracts provides sensory stimulation for a true moment of relaxation and renewal. Keep a pack at your vanity to refresh your skin any time of day!

Pamper Yourself with the Perfect No-Fuss Makeup Remover

Who has time for a 10-step skincare routine at the end of a busy day? Neutrogena’s wipes allow you to unwind and pamper your skin in one easy step. No washing, no rinsing, no mess! Just grab a wipe and glide it across your face to dissolve away the stress of the day along with your makeup.

Feel your skin transform from dirty and made up, to clean and refreshed in seconds. Let the soft wipe work its magic while you close your eyes and enjoy a mini facial massage. A little lift and wipe is all it takes to reveal soft, clean skin that looks and feels rejuvenated. The wipes leave your skin ready for serums, creams, oils or whatever final pampering your nighttime routine entails. Simple, fuss-free makeup removal and cleansing you can look forward to every day!

With the effective yet gentle cleansing power of Neutrogena’s Fragrance-Free Makeup Remover Wipes, you can say goodbye to stubborn makeup and hello to clean, refreshed skin in one easy step.


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