Transform Your Eyes with Winifred’s Fluffy Full Volume Mink Lashes (18mm)



Tired of lackluster lashes? Want to give your eyes an instant boost? Look no further than Winifred’s Fluffy Full Volume Mink Lashes! These lush 3D lashes add striking length, volume, and curl for a head-turning look.

Flaunt Fluttery, Feathery Lashes

Winifred’s false lashes feature a fluffy, wispy design inspired by lash extensions. The tapered strands are arranged in a meticulous criss-cross pattern for ultimate fullness and a feathery finish. Each lash is precisely curled and shaped to open up the eyes. The lush volume at the center creates an eye-catching cat eye effect while the shortened outer corners blend seamlessly into your natural lashes.

Mink Fibers for a Natural, Ultra-Soft Feel

These Winifred lashes are crafted from premium quality faux mink fur, providing the same luxurious texture and lightweight feel as mink but without any cruelty. The super fine 0.07mm strands are unbelievably soft and flexible, draping over your natural lashes like a second skin. Unlike plastic falsies, these move and flutter just like your own lashes.

Flexible Cotton Band Conforms to Your Lashline

The ultra-slim cotton band is designed to hug every curve of your lashline for perfect alignment and seamless bond. It allows you to tweak the band to match your unique eye shape. No need for tricky application or adjustments throughout the day. The cotton material also prevents irritation and sliding that occurs with plastic bands.

Expertly Handmade for Consistent Quality

Each set of Winifred lashes is meticulously handcrafted by lash specialists. The 3D volume fans are made from individual knotting and layering of the mink hairs to the delicate cotton strip. This artistry results in consistent fullness, length, and shape with every set. The band is specially treated to increase durability and longevity.

Style for Any Occasion

Winifred’s 18mm mink strip lashes are dramatic enough for evenings out yet still natural for day. The lush volume adds striking definition for selfies and video calls. With proper care, you can get over 20 luxurious wears out of each set. Keep your eyes gorgeous morning ‘til night with this eyelash wardrobe staple.

How to Apply Like a Pro

Get salon-worthy lashes at home with these pro tips:

  • Curl your natural lashes first before applying the falsies for optimal blending and lift.
  • Trim the strip if needed to fit your eye width, avoiding the outer and inner corners.
  • Apply lash glue along the band and wait 30 seconds until tacky before applying.
  • Rest the lash band directly on top of your lashline, pressing from the center outward.
  • Pinch the falsie and natural lash together for 30 seconds so the glue sets.
  • Coat lashes with mascara focused on the base to blend with your natural lashes.

With the right techniques, these falsies will look like extensions applied at a salon!


  • Length: 18mm
  • Material: Faux Mink Fur
  • Band: Cotton
  • Style: Cat Eye/Crossover Effect
  • 5 Pairs per Set

Experience the Winifred Lash Difference

Treat yourself to the transformative power of fluttery, feather-soft mink lashes without extensions or glue damage. Winifred’s talented lash artisans have painstakingly designed and crafted the highest quality falsies to bring out the bombshell in you. Add some eye-catching oomph to your look with these luxurious 3D mink strip lashes today!


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