TNFVLONEINS Cat Eye Natural Look Mink Lashes for a Striking & Fluttery Look (21 Pairs)



Make a statement with your eyes using the TNFVLONEINS Cat Eye Natural Look Mink Lashes! This set of 21 pairs of lightweight and reusable eyelashes comes in 3 styles – Natural, Wispy, and Fluffy – allowing you to create any eye look you desire.

Flaunt Long, Full Lashes in Seconds

Tired of struggling to put on false lashes strip by strip? With the pre-designed cat eye shape, these mink lashes allow you to enhance your natural lashes in literally seconds.

The invisible band is flexible and very easy to apply. Just trim, tweak and place over your natural lash line using the included latex-free glue. The tapered ends blend seamlessly into your real lashes for a seamless, fluttery look.

With proper care, these falsies can be worn up to 10 times so you get great value for money. Ditch the mascara and let your eyes do the talking!

Luxuriously Soft and Lightweight

Crafted from premium synthetic mink hair, these false eyelashes feel luxuriously soft and featherlight. Unlike regular acrylic lashes, these will not tug on your lids or cause discomfort.

The ultra-fine 0.15mm band is gentle on the delicate eye area. It allows your eyes to blink naturally without sticking to your eyelids.

The wispy, fanned-out lashes add the perfect amount of length and volume. You’ll forget you’re wearing falsies! The different lash lengths create a beautiful, wide-eyed effect.

3 Styles for Different Looks

This set comes with 7 pairs of Natural lashes, 7 pairs of Wispy lashes and 7 pairs of Fluffy lashes.

The Natural style is ideal for everyday wear. The slightly curled lashes accentuate your eyes beautifully while still looking natural.

The Wispy style has a gradual length that fans outwards. It’s perfect for a sweet, doll-eyed look.

The Fluffy style has dense, crisscrossed lashes for serious drama. These amp up your look for nights out or special occasions.

With 3 styles to pick from, you’ll always have the perfect lashes for any occasion!

Easy to Customize & Reuse

These reusable mink lashes can be trimmed from the outer corner to suit your unique eye shape and size.

The clear, flexible band lets you tweak the lashes to fit your lash line perfectly. Apply a thin layer of latex-free glue and press them on – it’s that simple!

With proper care, you can get up to 10 wears out of each pair. Gently peel off the glue after use and store in the included plastic case.

To clean, use makeup remover to dissolve any residue. Let them air dry before you store them away.

Blend Seamlessly with Your Natural Lashes

Theultra-fine ends of these falsies merge beautifully into your real lashes. There’s no obvious gap or lifting that gives away you’re wearing fake lashes.

The tapered cat eye ends create a subtle lift for a wide-eyed look. Adding length at the outer corners also mimics the natural growth of your lashes.

No one will be able to tell they’re falsies! You’ll get endless compliments on your “natural” lashes.

Ditch the eyelash curler and mascara – let these mink lashes do the work for you! The dynamic crisscrossed design adds both curl and volume in a natural-looking way.

High Quality Mink Hair for a Luxurious Feel

The TNFVLONEINS mink lashes are crafted from premium synthetic mink fur, NOT real mink.

Mink hair is one of the softest materials used for false lashes. The smooth fibers prevent irritation or poking, giving you hours of comfortable wear.

Synthetic mink also holds curl better than regular plastic lashes. No need for an eyelash curler! The bounce and flexibility create a wispy, feathery effect.

With proper care, these mink lashes can last over 30 wears. Talk about great value for money! Ditch the mascara and let your eyes shine.

Vegan Friendly & Cruelty-Free

TNFVLONEINS is proud to use only vegan materials in our mink lashes. Our synthetic mink fur is made without harming any animals.

The latex-free adhesive is gentle on the eye area with a formula that rids common irritants. It allows you to wear our falsies comfortably for hours.

Shop our products with a clear conscience! We aim to offer quality vegan and cruelty-free beauty products to our customers.

Get Compliments with Beautiful, Eye-Catching Lashes

Flaunt gorgeous, eye-framing lashes in just minutes with the TNFVLONEINS Mink Lashes. Customers rave about how soft and lightweight these falsies feel.

The cat eye design and tapered ends create a subtle lift for bright, wide-set eyes. Three styles allow you to pick the perfect lashes for any occasion.

Ditch the curler and mascara! Crafted from luxe synthetic mink fur, these reusable falsies enhance your natural lashes beautifully.

For eye-catching lashes that feel weightless and look natural, choose the TNFVLONEINS Mink Lashes today!


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