Salon Quality Rat Tail Combs for Precise Hair Styling – 3 Piece Professional Metal Teasing Combs Set (Purple, Black, Pink)



Achieve perfect hair styling with this professional 3 piece rat tail comb set. The precisely crafted stainless steel pins allow you to section, backcomb, and style hair with ease. Experience the difference that quality salon tools make.

Salon-Worthy Construction for Lasting Performance

This rat tail comb set is constructed from celcon rather than cheap plastics that can snap while styling. The lightweight combs are durable for daily professional use. The thin yet strong stainless steel pins are designed for detangling, parting, teasing, and sectioning all hair types and textures without damage.

Whether you are a stylist looking for reliable salon tools or someone who loves styling your own hair, these combs deliver precise control for your best looks yet.

Effortless Sectioning, Teasing, and Styling

The fine tips of the rat tail combs allow you to separate and organize hair strands with ease. Smoothly glide the comb through sections to detangle or use the tip to precisely part and divide hair.

Once your sections are created, use the tails to cleanly backcomb hair at the root for maximum volume and lift. The firm steel pins grab hair and let you tease strands with just the right amount of control.

After styling, neatly arrange and shape your hair with the precision tip. Experience hassle-free styling with these professional rat tail combs.

Premium Quality for Salon and Home Use

Constructed from Celcon Rather Than Cheap Plastic

Forget about flimsy plastic rat tail combs! The celcon material is salon-grade for durability and rigidity. Celcon combs maintain their shape and prevent bending while detangling and styling.

Stainless Steel Pins Won’t Rust or Bend

The high-quality steel pins are designed for longevity. They remain straight and sturdy for neat sectioning and clean backcombing time after time. No need to worry about pins bending, breaking, or rusting with daily use.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy for Comfortable Styling

Despite the premium construction, these rat tail combs are lightweight for comfortable prolonged use. The combs have the ideal balance between rigidity for detangling and flexibility to prevent ripping or scratching the scalp.

Precisely Crafted Tips For Detailing Work

The tips of each comb taper to a precise point. This allows you to create clean parts and divide hair neatly. Use the tips for detailing work like defining curls and styling flyaways.

Guide to Using Your New Rat Tail Combs

Here are some tips and techniques for using your new rat tail combs for perfect hair styling every time:

– Sectioning Hair

Use the tips to precisely part and section out hair before cutting or styling. Smoothly glide the comb across the scalp for clean parts. Divide hair horizontally or vertically depending on the desired look.

– Teasing and Backcombing

Hold hair taut at the roots in one hand. With the comb in the other hand, use the tip to gently backcomb at the crown. Slowly draw the comb down from root to end to create lift.

– Detangling

Before detangling, always brush through the ends and midlengths first. Starting from the bottom helps prevent breakage. Once smooth, use the rat tail comb tip to gently detangle knots at the root without ripping.

– Styling and Smoothing

Arrange hair as desired – whether sleek and straight or big voluminous curls. Use the tips to shape and define texture. Gently glide over flyaways and frizz for a polished finish.

– Defining Curls

Wrap curls around your finger and slide the rat tail comb tip along the strand from root to end. This helps set the curl’s shape and separate individual curls.

High Quality Rat Tail Combs Set

This set includes 3 salon rat tail combs in the following shades:

Vibrant Purple: Show off your colorful style with this bright purple rat tail comb. The eye-catching comb adds a fun pop of color to your tool kit.

Sleek Black: A classic black rat tail comb that complements any hairstyle. The clean black look matches any styling aesthetic.

Chic Pink: Pretty pale pink is perfect for feminine and romantic hairstyles. Make a statement with this soft yet striking comb.

Each comb measures 24 x 3 x 0.5cm for comfortable styling and easy storage. Whether at home or in professional environments, this useful 3-piece set has you covered!

Achieve Your Best Styles with Precision Rat Tail Combs

Elevate your hair game with these salon quality rat tail combs. The durable celcon and stainless steel construction ensures longevity and performance for daily styling. Create your dream looks with smooth, tangle-free sectioning, backcombing, and precision detailing.


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