Salon Pro Hair Extensions Bonding Glue



Salon Pro’s hair extension bonding glue is the professional secret to achieving luxurious locks instantly. This permanent bonding adhesive delivers salon-quality results, allowing you to attach hair extensions securely and seamlessly at home. With strong holding power and an anti-fungus formula, this glue keeps extensions in place comfortably while promoting healthy hair growth.

Permanent Yet Gentle Bonding

The advanced formula bonds individual and weft hair extensions permanently to your natural hair. The glue dries clear and features a non-damaging formula that won’t cause breakage or irritation to hair follicles. It’s latex-free and won’t cause allergic reactions. The glue spreads thinly and evenly, providing a natural look and secure hold that lasts.

Application in 3 Simple Steps

Applying extensions with Salon Pro’s bonding glue takes just minutes! Follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair by washing and drying it thoroughly. Use the included conditioner to detangle hair. Divide hair into sections.

Step 2: Apply glue thinly along the bonded edge of the hair extension weft or around the base of the individual extension.

Step 3: Press the extension against your natural hair at the root. Hold for 30-60 seconds to allow the glue to form a strong bond.

The glue dries quickly for faster application. The secure hold lets you style, brush, and wash hair as normal without extensions slipping.

Anti-Fungus for Healthier Hair

This salon-grade formula contains an anti-fungus additive that prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Your scalp stays clean and fresh even with extensions attached for weeks. No more itching or flaking! The latex-free glue won’t cause uncomfortable reactions.

Blend Seamlessly with Your Natural Hair

Achieve seamless, natural-looking length and volume! This clear glue dries transparent for an invisible bond. No one will know you’re wearing extensions. It won’t flake or run even with repeated washing. The strong bond means zero slipping and maintains soft, natural movement.

Simple Removal When Ready

Salon Pro’s glue dissolves completely with bonding remover solution. When you’re ready to remove extensions, simply apply remover to the bond and gently slide extensions off. The remover will dissolve all traces of glue quickly and painlessly without leaving residue or damaging hair.

Customer Reviews

Jenny, NY:
“I get compliments on my hair everywhere I go! This glue made it so easy to install long, voluminous extensions myself. Love it.”

Sarah, CA:
“I have thin hair and always wanted long locks. This glue makes my extensions look and feel totally natural. Can’t live without it!”

Melissa, FL:
“I use this glue for my clip-in extensions and it keeps them secure all day long. My hair still feels soft and healthy with zero pulling or breakage.”

Experience Salon-Quality Extensions at Home

Achieve showstopping hair anytime with Salon Pro’s exceptional bonding glue. The strong, natural hold and anti-fungus properties promote hair health while creating an undetectable bond. Get salon-worthy length and volume instantly with this professional extension adhesive.


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