Rice H2O – The Secret to Long, Thick, Luscious Locks



Have you noticed more hairs than usual in your brush or down the shower drain? Are you worried your strands are getting finer and more lackluster by the day? You’re not alone – hair loss and thinning afflicts millions. But before you resign yourself to lackluster locks, know there’s hope. The answer lies in an ancient Asian beauty secret – rice water.

Dubbed “miracle water” for hair, rice water is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that nourish hair from root to tip. Used for centuries by women in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia to boost hair growth and add brilliant shine, rice water is now taking the Western world by storm.

Introducing Rice H2O – the ultimate rice water hair growth treatment. Infused with rice water and powerful botanicals like rosemary oil, Rice H2O is your one-step solution to thicker, longer, stronger strands.

The Power of Rice Water

Rice water owes its magical properties to the rice starch it contains. When fermented, this starch converts to pitera – a compound rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants. Science shows that pitera strengthens and repairs hair, while also stimulating growth and preventing loss.

In addition, rice water contains inositol – a carbohydrate that helps repair damaged follicles and improve elasticity. It also boasts plenty of antioxidants to protect hair from free radical and environmental damage.

In short – rice water provides a treasure trove of nutrients hair craves. It fortifies weak, brittle strands and gets to the root of hair loss.

Potent Botanical Boosters

While rice water delivers the bulk of the benefits, Rice H2O includes additional botanicals to maximize results:

Rosemary Oil – Stimulates circulation to boost growth. Its antiseptic properties also keep the scalp healthy.

Castor Oil – Soothes dry, itchy scalp and conditions hair. Plus, it contains ricinoleic acid to encourage circulation for faster growth.

Caffeine – A mild stimulant that stops hair loss while spurring growth. It also extends the lifespan of hair follicles.

This unique botanical blend synergizes with rice water to provide visible improvements.

Holistic Hair Healing

Most hair loss treatments focus on one aspect of the problem. But hair health depends on the wellbeing of the whole body. That’s why Rice H2O nourishes hair both inside and out.

It begins with healing hydration. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in rice water provide deep moisturization to revive dry, damaged strands. Brittle hair becomes silky smooth, knotty hair turns manageable, and static flyaways lay flat.

At the same time, Rice H2O gets to work beneath the surface – where hair health begins. It nourishes hair follicles and improves circulation to the scalp. This stimulates growth cycles and helps new hairs grow in strong.

With continued use, Rice H2O delivers remarkable results:

  • Viscibly thicker, fuller hair
  • Accelerated growth – up to 1 inch per month
  • Reduced hair loss and shedding
  • Reversal of bald spots and thinning patches
  • Restored luster and shine

These dramatic improvements come from addressing the root causes of lackluster locks. Rice H2O is hair care that holistically heals from the inside out.

Simple, Convenient Application

Getting salon-worthy hair has never been easier. Rice H2O uses a sensorial spray application to deliver nourishing ingredients directly to hair and scalp.

To use:

  1. Shake bottle before each use.
  2. Section damp or dry hair. Spray liberally onto roots and lengths.
  3. Gently massage into scalp with fingertips to boost circulation.
  4. Style as usual. For best results, use daily.

The lightweight formula won’t weigh hair down, so you can spritz and go. It leaves no greasy residue or sticky film, just soft, fresh hair.

Rice H2O also pairs perfectly with other styling products. Use before heat tools to protect strands or before updos to subdue flyaways. The options are endless!

A Healthier, More Luscious You

With Rice H2O, achieving your healthiest, most lustrous locks is simple. Just a few spritzes a day provides visible improvements in texture, growth and thickness.

Ditch lackluster locks for good. Nourish hair from roots to ends with the ancient power of rice water. Get the long, strong, cascading hair you’ve always wanted with Rice H2O – order now and unlock your beauty!


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