REVLON Smooth Styles Ceramic Flat Iron for Silky Straight Hair



Get ready to achieve smooth, sleek styles with the REVLON Smooth Styles ceramic flat iron. This easy-to-use straightener harnesses the power of ceramic technology to help reduce damage from overstyling. The ceramic-coated plates provide even heat distribution, allowing you to style all hair types fast. Bid farewell to frizz and flyaways and say hello to gorgeously straight, glossy locks.

Ceramic Coating for Reduced Damage

Overstyling can take a toll on your hair’s health. Constant high heat from inferior straighteners only aggravates the problem. That’s why the REVLON Smooth Styles flat iron uses ceramic coating on the plates. Ceramic helps distribute heat evenly across each strand. This protects delicate hair from getting fried at higher temperatures. Style with confidence knowing this ceramic straightener reduces damage from overusing hot tools.

Essential Straight Styling

Creating smooth, sleek looks is a breeze with the REVLON Smooth Styles flat iron. This essential straightening tool is designed to help you achieve all the latest trends – no matter your hair type. The smooth ceramic plates glide effortlessly through strands to straighten and add shine. Get pin-straight styles or add loose waves and flips with ease. Tame unruly frizz and flyaways in a flash for a polished finish.

For All Hair Types

Whether you have fine and fragile or thick and coarse strands, this ceramic flat iron can handle it. The smooth ceramic plates emit even infrared heat that gently penetrates each strand. This allows you to straighten hair safely, without causing excess damage or breakage. Style thinner hair types on lower temps and turn up the heat for thicker manes. The ceramic coating helps customize the styling experience for all hair types and textures.

High 400°F Heat for Straight Styles

Some days call for silky straight locks. When you want to go sleek and smooth, take advantage of this flat iron’s 400°F high heat capabilities. The higher temperature lets you tackle even the most stubborn kinks and curls efficiently. Get ultra straight styles by gliding the iron close to roots and ends in one pass. The smooth ceramic plates won’t snag or pull hair as you style for damage-free results.

Compact and Travel-Friendly

Don’t leave your straight hair dreams at home when you travel. The REVLON Smooth Styles ceramic flat iron features a clever compact and lightweight design. The swivel cord tangles less, making this iron easy to pack. Dual voltage capabilities allow you to use this styling tool abroad. Wherever your adventures take you, keep frizz and flyaways under control with smoothed out styles.

Achieve Gorgeous Looks

Transform lackluster locks into stunning styles with the REVLON Smooth Styles ceramic flat iron. Some of the gorgeous looks you can achieve include:

Sleek and Straight: Get glossy, frizz-free styles with perfectly straight strands from root to tip.

Smooth Waves: Add dimension with loose curls and waves for a touchable, romantic vibe.

Flipped Ends: Pump up the volume by flipping out the ends slightly for a bombshell look.

Glass Hair: Go for the ultra-sleek glass hair trend and defy gravity with straight, shiny strands.

Tips for Best Results

Follow these pro tips to get the most out of your REVLON Smooth Styles ceramic flat iron:

Always apply a heat protectant before straightening to shield strands from damage.
Work in sections for easier management. Use clips to section hair.
Start with clean hair – dirt and oils can cause plates to snag.
Glide the iron slowly down sections – don’t rush the straightening process.
Finish with a shine boosting hairspray to lock in sleekness.

Love Your Smooth Styles

Say goodbye to frizzy, unmanageable hair with the REVLON Smooth Styles ceramic flat iron. The smooth ceramic plates help reduce damage from overstyling and customize the heat to your hair. Achieve stunning sleek and straight locks, defined waves, glass hair and more. Wherever life takes you, keep your styles glossy and smooth with this essential straight styling tool.


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