REVLON Silicone Heated Round Styling Brush for Smooth, Voluminous Hair



Achieve salon-quality hair styling results at home with the REVLON Silicone Heated Round Styling Brush. This innovative hair tool combines the volumizing effects of a round brush with gentle, even heat to deliver smooth, shiny hair with lots of body and bounce.

Silicone Bristles For A Smoother Styling Experience

The secret behind this heated brush’s smoothing and volumizing abilities lies in its soft, flexible silicone bristles. Silicone is the ideal material for heated styling because it’s cool to the touch and won’t transfer excessive heat to your hair. The bristles gently grip each strand, allowing you to add volume at the root while smoothing the cuticle for frizz-free shine.

1-Inch Barrel Creates Big, Bouncy Curls

The 1-inch barrel diameter is perfect for creating big, loose curls and lots of volume. Simply wrap sections of hair around the brush and let the heated bristles work their magic. The large barrel allows hair to wrap smoothly and comfortably without any pulling or snagging. Whether you want glamorous curls or just extra oomph at the roots, this brush won’t let you down.

Fast 30-Second Heat Up

Waiting for your styling tools to heat up can feel like an eternity when you’re rushed to get ready in the morning. The REVLON Silicone Heated Brush solves this problem with an ultra-fast 30-second heat-up time. The On indicator light lets you know when it’s ready, so you can start styling almost immediately. No more standing around just waiting for your hot rollers or curling iron to warm up!

Ergonomic Design and Swivel Cord

Attention to detail is apparent in the ergonomic design and convenient swivel cord. The easy-grip handle stays cool while you style for comfortable use, and the tip is coated in silicone to protect your scalp and prevent snags. Meanwhile, the tangle-free swivel cord provides maximum freedom of motion as you work. Little touches like these make all the difference!

High and Low Adjustable Temperature Settings

Different hair types require different heat levels for optimal results. This brush allows you to choose between low (180°F) and high (200°F) settings, making it easy to tailor the styling temperature to your hair. Fine or fragile hair benefits from lower heat, while coarse, thick hair types can tolerate more. Customize the setting as needed to achieve perfectly smooth, shiny strands without damage.

Safety Features for Healthy Styling

This innovative heated brush maintains a safe temperature range to prevent any damage to your lovely locks. The bristles disperse heat gently and evenly across each section so no area gets too hot. Plus, the cool tip never warms up, protecting your scalp from burns. You can enjoy the smoothing effects of heat styling worry-free!

Simple Maintenance

Cleaning heated tools can seem intimidating, but caring for the REVLON Silicone Heated Brush is a breeze. Simply unplug the unit and use a damp cloth to gently wipe away any built-up products. Let air dry completely before use. That’s all it takes to keep your new styling brush in great shape!

Achieve Gorgeous Styles For All Hair Types

Whether your hair is fine and thin or thick and textured, the REVLON Silicone Heated Round Brush makes quick work of tricky styling. Create volume on limp locks, tame frizz and flyaways on coarse hair, or define touchable curls. The gentle flexible bristles work on all hair types and textures to help you achieve your ideal style.

Cut Down On Styling Time

Bid farewell to struggling with hot rollers, curling irons and blowdryers! This ingenious heated brush lets you volumize, smooth, and curl all in one simple step. Cut your daily styling time drastically while still achieving polished results. Pop it in your gym bag for quick touch-ups after workouts, or keep it on your bathroom counter for easy styling any day of the week.

Travel-Friendly Convenience

Frequent travelers will love the portable size and dual voltage capacity that allows use abroad. Easily pack it in your tote bag and fix up lifeless flat hair after long flights. Wherever your adventures take you, polished hair is never far away thanks to this convenient heated brush.

A Must-Have For Hair Styling Lovers

Take your hair game to the next level with this innovative heated round brush from REVLON. The combination of volumizing round shape and frizz-smoothing silicone bristles means gorgeous, salon-worthy hair is finally achievable at home. Enjoy the flexibility of creating anything from touchable curls to big, bouncy body. For beautiful, healthy-looking hair every day, the REVLON Silicone Heated Round Styling Brush is a must-have!


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