Revlon Secure Hold Black Hair Clips (6 Count)



Keep your hair in place all day with the Revlon Secure Hold Black Hair Clips. These innovative hair clips feature a patented double grip design that ensures a secure hold without damaging your hair.

No Slip Grip for All Day Hold

What sets the Revlon Secure Hold clips apart is the double grip system. Each clip has dozens of individual grip dots on the interior that keep your hair from sliding out. The grip dots hold strands in place while the clip’s comb teeth provide extra hold by separating and organizing your hair. No more dealing with clips that slip and let your style fall apart halfway through the day. The Revlon Secure Hold black hair clips keep even the finest, slickest hair in place from morning ’til night.

Ideal for All Hair Types

Thin and fine hair can easily slip out of ordinary hair clips. Meanwhile, thick and curly hair often requires an uncomfortably tight clip to stay in place. The Revlon Secure Hold clips are designed to work with all hair types. The comb teeth glide through fine, straight hair keeping it separated and held close to the clip. For thick or curly hair, the grip dots prevent any slipping while the wide clip design avoids denting or creasing the hair. No need to resort to tight, painful clips or kinking your hair with crisscrossed bobby pins. These clips keep your style in place without damage.

Chic Black Color

The simple but chic black color of these Revlon clips complements any hair color. Black works as a neutral that won’t distract from your hairstyle. The sleek, matte finish gives the versatile clips a sophisticated look. While the clips are hard at work securing your hair, their understated black color remains subtly in the background. Use one as a barrette to pin back the front pieces of your hair or use several scattered throughout an updo to secure all the key points. The black color is versatile enough for any occasion or outfit.

High Quality Construction

Revlon has been making innovative hair accessories for decades. All that experience translates into hair clips that are made to last. The clips feature sturdy flex clips encased in smooth plastic with seamless molded edges. There are no rough spots to catch or snag your hair. The clips open wide without losing their grip, so you can easily slip in thick sections of hair when styling elaborately curled dos. Closed, the clips retain their hold all day long. Quality construction ensures these clips will securely hold style after style for years of daily use.

Key Features

  • Patented double grip design with no slip grip dots
  • Comb teeth on interior provide extra hold
  • Works for all hair types including fine, thick and curly
  • Sleek low profile black color
  • Durable construction made to last

Versatile Styling Clip

The Revlon Secure Hold Black Hair Clips are a styling staple that busy women rely upon. Keep these clips within reach to finish off every style. Use them to:

  • Secure a messy top knot
  • Pull back front pieces into a barrette
  • Hold a French twist or chignon in place
  • Lock in the shape of braids, buns, or ponytails
  • Pull back flyaway hairs throughout the day

These are also must-have clips for gym-goers, runners, and athletes who need to keep their hair off their neck and out of the way. The non-slip grip holds up, even when things get sweaty.

The black color hides well within different hairstyles, so you can use as many as needed without being distracting:

  • One clip for a simple ponytail
  • Two pins crossed into an X shape to secure a bun
  • Several clips layered vertically to hold up a folded under bob style

Let your creativity run free while these clips keep everything in place! Busy women love having these reliable black hair clips ready for everyday styling. With the Revlon Secure Hold Black Hair Clips, you can recreate salon-worthy styles at home every day.


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