REVLON Salon Turbo 1875W Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer – Fast Drying with Less Frizz and 3 Heat/Speed Settings



Take your at-home blowout to the next level with the REVLON Salon Turbo 1875W hair dryer. This powerful dryer utilizes ionic technology and a ceramic coating to give you a frizz-free, salon-quality blowout with brilliant shine in a fraction of the time.

Ionic Technology for Silky Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair

The REVLON ion generator releases millions of negative ions that work to neutralize the positive charge in wet hair that causes frizz and flyaways. By cancelling out static, the ions allow the cuticles to smoothly lay flat so hair appears shiny and sleek. The result is hair that looks and feels soft, smooth and conditioned minus the frizz.

Ceramic Coating Provides Even Heat to Prevent Damage

The ceramic coated air outlet distributes heat gently and evenly across every strand. This prevents over-drying and minimizes heat damage for hair that looks healthy and strong. The ceramic coating also allows far infrared heat to penetrate the hair shaft from within to dry hair quickly and efficiently.

Turbo Button Significantly Cuts Drying Time

When you’re in a rush, the Turbo button provides an extra boost of air power to cut your drying time by up to 50%. Turn on the Turbo button and you can go from towel dried to style-ready in minutes. It’s perfect for those busy mornings when every second counts.

Variable Heat and Speed Settings for Customized Drying

With 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings plus a cool shot button, you have full control to customize the drying experience to your hair type and desired style.

The low heat is ideal for fine, fragile or color-treated hair. Medium heat tackles normal to thick hair types. The high heat setting provides maximum power for very thick or coarse hair. Adjust the speed setting to your liking – low for precision drying or high for quicker drying. Lock in your style with the cool shot button.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Handling

Everything about this dryer is designed with comfort in mind. The soft-feel handle provides a no-slip grip even when hands are wet. The balanced lightweight body reduces arm strain during styling. And the 9 foot power cord gives flexibility to move around while drying.

Key Features:

  • 1875 watt AC motor generates powerful airflow for fast drying
  • Ionic technology smoothes hair and eliminates frizz for a sleek, shiny finish
  • Ceramic coated air outlet gently dries hair while preventing heat damage
  • Turbo button cuts drying time up to 50% faster
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings plus cool shot to customize drying
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design provides comfort and control
  • 9 foot power cord
  • 4 year limited warranty


What makes the REVLON Turbo hair dryer better than other hair dryers?

This dryer stands out for its combination of powerful 1875 watt motor, ionic technology, ceramic coating, and turbo button. These features work together to yield fast drying times while combating frizz and reducing heat damage for smooth, healthy-looking hair.

How long does it take to dry hair with the REVLON Turbo hair dryer?

It takes the average user about 10-15 minutes to fully dry medium to long hair. Fine or short hair can dry in under 5 minutes. The turbo button cuts drying times up to 50% faster than on standard settings.

Does it cause hair damage?

The advanced ceramic coating and ionic technology work to prevent over-drying and reduce heat damage on all hair types. As long as you use the appropriate heat setting for your hair, it will dry hair fast while keeping it looking healthy.

Can it be used on wet hair?

Yes, you can use the REVLON Turbo hair dryer on damp, towel-dried hair without issue. Be sure not to use the high heat setting on dripping wet hair as that could cause damage over time.

What kind of cord does it have?

It has a 9 foot long power cord that gives you ample length to move around while styling your hair. The cord can be secured into the hook on the dryer for easy storage.

Does it come with a diffuser?

The dryer does not come with any styling attachments. Many users find the ionic technology provides enough volume and curl definition without needing a diffuser.

Is it loud?

It has powerful airflow and a 1875 watt motor so it does make noise when drying hair, but it has a comfortable volume even on the highest speed and heat setting. Most users don’t find it overly loud.

Who It’s For

The REVLON Turbo 1875W hair dryer is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve a fast, frizz-free blowout without spending a lot of time or money. Whether you have pin-straight, curly, course or color-treated hair, the ionic technology and ceramic coating work for all hair types. It’s perfect for busy people who want to speed up their morning routine without sacrificing hair health and shine.

The Bottom Line

Achieve a salon-worthy blowout with brilliant shine in record time with the REVLON Turbo 1875W hair dryer. The ionic technology eliminates frizz for smooth, glossy hair while the ceramic coating prevents heat damage. With the turbo button cutting drying times in half, it’s easy to style hair just the way you want it even when you’re rushed. Plus with a comfortable lightweight design, 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings and affordable price, it has everything you need to create a gorgeous, healthy-looking blowout at home.


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