REVLON Perfect Style Soft Touch Teasing Brush for Volume and Lift



Give your hair the lift and volume it deserves with the Revlon Perfect Style Soft Touch Teasing Brush. Designed to add fullness and texture while keeping hair soft and smooth, this brush is the secret to creating gorgeous, voluminous styles with ease.

Lift Hair Gently for Maximum Volume

Teasing your hair can sometimes leave it looking crispy and overworked. Not with the Revlon Perfect Style brush! Its soft, widely spaced bristles gently grip hair to add tons of volume at the root without damage. Simply section and lightly backcomb hair for lift exactly where you want it. The smooth rounded ends of the bristles help prevent snagging and breakage.

Versatile Styling for All Hair Types

Whether your hair is fine and limp or thick and full, this brush helps sculpt it just the way you want. Add loads of volume and lift at the crown to get that sexy, bombshell look. Give your updo an extra boost by teasing the top and sides. Even use it to tame flyaways and smooth the hairline for a perfectly polished finish.

Precise Control for Sharp Sections

The tightly packed bristles allow for excellent control when sectioning hair. Easily create super sharp parts and define sections for braids, updos and other intricate styles. The firm but flexible bristles grip hair precisely where you want it.

Soft, Shine-Enhancing Bristol Design

This brush’s bristles have softly rounded tips to prevent scratching and snagging of hair. The smooth surface helps seal the cuticle down for enhanced shine and softness. Your locks will have beautiful body and movement, not crispy crunchiness.

Lightweight Comfortable Handle

The brush handle is designed for comfort and control. Made of lightweight materials, it reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The ribbed grip gives you a sturdy hold when styling, while the hanging loop makes storage quick and easy.

Trusted Quality from Revlon

For over 80 years, Revlon has been an iconic American brand synonymous with gorgeous hair. Known for their innovative styling tools and hair products, Revlon continues to define the latest runway and consumer hair trends. With the Revlon Perfect Style teasing brush, you can create salon-worthy hair at home.

How to Get Maximum Lift and Volume:

Start with clean, dry hair that’s free of oils and product buildup. Apply a volumizing mousse from roots to ends and blowdry.
Take a 1-2 inch section of hair and hold it vertically between your fingers. With the brush’s bristles pointing up, press it lightly up against the root.
Gently pull the brush through to the ends. Do not over-tease! Repeat with additional sections as desired. Focus on teasing the crown to get lift.
Mist hair all over with strong hold hairspray. Smooth top layers over teased sections to blend.
Finish with a shine serum or gloss to smooth out hair and get that mirror-like glossy finish.
Love Your Bombshell Hair!

Achieve salon-worthy volume and lift without the huge price tag with the Revlon Perfect Style Soft Touch Teasing Brush. Create anything from gently teased locks to over-the-top sexy volume. This versatile brush helps you style hair just the way you want it with perfect control.


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