Revlon Paddle Hair Brush Set for Straightening & Smoothing – Black & Berry



Get salon-sleek hair every day with the Revlon Paddle Hair Brush Set. This 2-piece set contains one black brush and one berry-colored brush, both designed to gently straighten and smooth your locks as you brush.

Brushes That Glide Through Hair

The paddle shape and soft, rounded bristles of these Revlon hair brushes allow them to seamlessly glide through your hair. Each brush head has a combination of ball-tip bristles to smooth hair and nylon bristles to detangle. The ergonomic handles give you control and ease of use, even if you have thick or long hair.

Unique Rubberized Finish for Less Frizz

These hair brushes have a unique rubberized finish that provides maximum grip. This prevents your hair from slipping through the bristles, allowing the brush to keep constant tension for less frizz and more sleekness. The rubberized coating also creates less friction against your hair, preventing damage and breakage.

Use on Wet or Dry Hair

The Revlon paddle brush set can be used on both wet and dry hair. When used on wet hair, the brushes will smooth and detangle your locks as they air dry, leading to a straighter, frizz-free style. The brushes can also be used to smooth flyaways and shape your hair when dry. Their gentle bristles won’t disrupt your style.

Perfect for All Hair Types

This brush set works with all hair types – thin, thick, straight, wavy, curly, and coily. The firm but flexible bristles glide through thin hair, while still being sturdy enough to detangle thick or curly locks. Both brushes have rounded edges to prevent snags.

How to Use

On wet hair: After shampooing and conditioning in the shower, section hair and slowly pull one brush down the length of each section as you blowdry. The brush will simultaneously dry and smooth hair. Repeat until hair is dry.

On dry hair: Run the brush through hair in sections to smooth frizz and flyaways or create a straight style. Brush under sections of hair near the roots to lift and add volume.

Easy to Clean

To clean, simply rinse the brush bristles under running water to remove any product buildup. For deeper cleaning, use a small amount of shampoo mixed with water to wash the bristles. Rinse thoroughly and allow to fully air dry.

Key Features

  • Contains one black brush and one berry brush
  • Paddle shape with rounded edges glides easily through hair
  • Soft, rounded bristles smooth hair while detangling
  • Rubberized finish provides grip to prevent slipping and frizz
  • Use on wet or dry hair
  • Designed for all hair types including thick, curly, and coily
  • Ergonomic handles make brushing easy and comfortable
  • Great for blow drying, smoothing frizz, and creating straight styles


  • Length: 11 inches
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Bristle material: Nylon and ball-tip
  • Handle material: Plastic with rubber coating

Give your hair a sleek, salon-quality look every day with the Revlon Paddle Hair Brush Set. The smoothing bristles, anti-frizz rubberized finish, and comfort-grip handles allow you to achieve shiny, straight locks with ease. This brush set is a must-have for hair health and easy styling. Order yours today!


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