REVLON Extra Thick Black Hair Elastics, 15 Count – Strong yet Gentle Hair Ties for Full, Thick Hair



Tired of flimsy hair ties that snap after a few uses? Looking for hair elastics that provide a comfortable yet secure hold without pulling, tangling or damaging your hair? Then you need the REVLON Extra Thick Black Hair Elastics.

Specifically designed for full, thick hair, these heavy duty hair ties are made of high quality elastic that’s durable yet gentle. The extra wide shape and thickness provides a comfortable, non-slip grip that keeps your hairstyle in place all day long. No moreHaving your hair fall flat half way through the day!

The REVLON elastics are constructed with tightly coiled internal springs that provide resistance and “bounce back” capacity for a strong, long lasting hold. But don’t worry, they won’t over-stretch or lose their shape over time. You can trust them to keep your hair style looking fab day after day.

While the wide elastic band gives you a no-slip hold, it’s also gentle and won’t pull, snag or damage your hair like thinner hair ties often do. No more ripping hair out every time you take your ponytail out! The smooth, non-textured elastic glides easily over hair without creating friction, breakage or tangles.

Whether you have curly, wavy, straight, fine, medium or thick hair, these comfortable elastics are strong enough to hold any hair type in place, yet gentle enough for daily wear. Durable and long lasting, you get a pack of 15 elastics so they’ll last you for months of stylish hair dos.

Key Features

  • Extra thick elastic band ideal for full, thick hair
  • Strong no-slip grip keeps hair secure all day
  • Internal coil springs provide “bounce back” and resistance
  • Wide, smooth elastic is gentle on hair, no pulling or damage
  • Glides easily over hair, doesn’t snag or tangle
  • Works for all hair types: curly, straight, thick, thin, etc.
  • 15 count pack provides months of stylish hair dos

The Perfect Hair Accessory for an Active Lifestyle

If you live an active lifestyle, the REVLON elastics are about to become your new go-to hair accessory. Their reliable grip keeps your hair style in place whether you’re running errands, chasing after kids, hitting a workout class or going for a jog. No more having to redo your ponytail every 30 minutes!

Their comfortable fit also makes them ideal for all-day wear, so you can put your hair up and not have to think about it again. No more getting a headache from hair that’s pulled too tight. The smooth, gentle elastic helps avoid hairline creases and discomfort.

Next time you throw your hair up in a ponytail or bun, reach for the REVLON Extra Thick Hair Elastics and experience the perfect marriage of comfort, security and durability.

Reliable Quality You Can Trust

REVLON is a leading global brand dedicated to helping women look, live and feel beautiful. We take great pride in providing high quality hair accessories and styling products that enhance our customer’s inner and outer beauty.

Our innovative designers carefully test each product to ensure it meets our strict standards. We use only top-grade materials constructed with precision to create hair accessories that actually improve your daily styling routine.

With the REVLON reputation standing behind it, you can trust that the Extra Thick Hair Elastics will provide the comfortable, long-lasting hold you need to achieve stunning styles with ease and confidence.

Still not convinced? Remember that you’re protected by Amazon’s return policy. If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, you can return them for a full refund, no questions asked. But we’re sure once you try them, these will become your new go-to elastics for creating fabulous hair styles every day.

Go ahead and click “Add to Cart” now to get the perfect hair accessory for full, thick manes. Your hair will thank you!


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