REVLON Detangle and Smooth Paddle Hairbrush – For All Hair Types



Tame unruly locks and detangle knots with ease using the Revlon Detangle and Smooth Paddle Hairbrush. Specially designed with a rubberized finish and soft, flexible bristles, this brush gently smooths hair without breakage or damage. Perfect for all hair types and styles.

Gentle Detangling for All Hair Types

The Revlon paddle brush features a unique combination of soft, rounded bristles and anti-static rubber fins to glide through your hair. The flex of the bristles allow the brush to gently separate strands and work out knots and tangles with ease. While the smooth rubber helps reduce frizz and friction that can damage delicate strands. Leaving hair silky smooth and soft without breakage.

Customized for Gentleness

Revlon created their Detangle and Smooth brush with special attention to the needs of various hair types. The rounded bristle tips are designed to be gentle on all hair textures, especially fragile, curly, or natural hair. And the anti-static rubber helps reduce fly-aways and frizz frequently seen in thick, curly, or coarse hair. The extra-long bristles reach deep to detangle, while still being delicate enough for fine hair.

Reduces Blow Drying Time

Use the Revlon Detangle and Smooth brush to cut your blow dry time in half! The closely placed bristles provide tension to smooth strands, helping hair dry straight and frizz-free. While the anti-static rubber helps hair glide over the brush and dry faster than traditional paddle brushes. Leaving hair silky smooth in minutes.

Designed for Wet and Dry Styling

The Revlon Detangle and Smooth brush was created for versatility to meet all your styling needs. The soft rounded tips are gentle enough to brush through wet, fragile hair fresh from the shower without damage. And the anti-static rubber fins provide the perfect tension for blow drying hair smooth. Then rely on the cushioned bristles to gently detangle dry hair knots without pulling or breaking strands.

Cushioned Comfort Grip

Revlon added a rubberized cushioned finish to make styling comfortable. The brush has an easy grip handle that prevents slipping even when wet. While the smooth rubber feels gentle on your scalp as you brush. Reduce hand fatigue, while comfortably detangling or blow drying your locks.

Brush Away Impurities

Over time, hairbrushes can collect dirt, oils, and impurities that transfer back to your hair with each use. But the Revlon Detangle and Smooth brush is designed to resist buildup. The tightly spaced rubber fins prevent oil and dirt from accumulating between bristles. Just rinse under warm water to refresh. Keeping your brush clean for optimal performance every time you use it.

High Quality Construction

Revlon is dedicated to providing salon quality hair tools designed for everyday use. The Detangle and Smooth brush features a one-piece rubberized paddle head for quality and durability. The bristles are firmly secured to prevent shedding over time. While the seamless design has no places for mold or mildew to hide. Enjoy this thoughtfully designed brush for all hair types and textures.


  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Bristle Material: Nylon
  • Handle Material: Plastic with rubberized finish
  • Paddle Material: Plastic with rubberized finish
  • FDA approved materials
  • Colors: Black

Treat your hair to salon quality detangling and smoothing anytime with the Revlon Detangle and Smooth Paddle Hairbrush. The soft rounded bristles and anti-static finish tame frizz and gently detangle all hair types and textures without damage. Plus, the easy grip handle provides comfort and control. Achieve smooth, healthy locks with Revlon.

Order today and experience the detangling difference!


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