Revlon Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color Kit with Keratin and Silk Amino Acids, Black, Pack of 3



Achieve salon-quality color results in the comfort of your own home with the Revlon Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color kit in Black. This ammonia-free hair dye nourishes your hair while providing rich, multidimensional black shades that cover 100% of grays. The formula contains keratin and silk amino acids to leave hair soft, shiny, and healthier-looking after each application.

Salon-worthy Color, Minus the Salon Trip

Getting your hair colored can be time-consuming and expensive when you go to a salon. With the Revlon Colorsilk kit, you can achieve beautiful, natural-looking color results without ever leaving your house. The pre-measured applicators and non-drip formula make application mess-free and easy. Simply apply the color from roots to ends and rinse when the time is up. The results will be even, consistent color that looks like it was done by a professional.

Nourishing Formula with Keratin and Silk Amino Acids

This Revlon hair color kit uses an ammonia-free formula infused with keratin and silk amino acids to keep your hair healthy and strong. Ammonia can dry out and damage hair over time. By leaving it out, this formula is gentler on your locks. The keratin reinforces the hair structure to prevent breakage and split ends after coloring. The silk amino acids coat the hair strands to leave your colored hair feeling soft, smooth, and shiny.

Covers Grays Completely

The rich gel formula uses 3D color technology to provide complete gray coverage, even on stubborn grays. No more roots showing through weeks later. This hair dye saturates every strand to conceal grays completely. The multidimensional pigments give off natural-looking color and dimension like you would get from the salon. Black shades give off the deepest, most intense color that contrasts beautifully with lighter hair colors.

Non-Drip Formula for Neat Application

With some hair dye kits, you end up wearing as much of the product as your hair does. The new non-drip cream gel formula applies smoothly without dripping or making a mess. Use the precision applicator to separate and fully saturate your hair sections as you apply the color from root to tip. The formula wont drip down your forehead or stain your skin. The no-mess application means you can relax and take your time to apply the color thoroughly for the best results.

Choose from 41 Natural-Looking Shades

The Revlon Colorsilk line comes in a wide range of shades to match any preference. Whether you want to go darker, lighter, add some warmth, or play with color, there are over 40 options to choose from. The shades range from jet black to platinum blonde and everything in between. Reds, browns, light and ultra-light blondes allow you to find a hue that complements your complexion perfectly. Recently added trend shades like violet, rose gold, and merlot give you fun options to change up your look.

How to Use:

  1. Start with clean, dry hair. For best results, use on hair that has not been chemically treated.
  2. Put on the included gloves and separate hair into four sections. Clip up the sections not being colored.
  3. Remove the color tube from the applicator and attach the application tip.
  4. Squeeze the color gel onto the roots first and then apply thoroughly from roots to ends.
  5. Massage the color into your hair as you apply for even results.
  6. Leave the color on for the time indicated on the instructions based on your hair type.
  7. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Use the included conditioner.
  8. Style as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the color last?

Results can last up to 8 weeks before your roots begin to show. Color lasts longest on chemically untreated hair.

Does it cause skin irritation?

The ammonia-free formula minimizes skin irritation for most users. Always do a patch test first.

Can I color over other dye?

Yes, this kit can be used to color over previous dye jobs. It may take longer to process.

What if I’m allergic to hair dye?

Do a patch test on your arm before each use to check for allergic reaction. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Does it damage hair?

No, the formula with keratin and silk amino acids is designed to condition hair and leave it healthier.

Achieve beautiful, salon-quality hair color results without the hassle and cost of going to the salon. Get multidimensional shine and nourishing care for your locks with the Revlon Colorsilk Permanent Hair Color kit. The ammonia-free, nourishing formula provides complete gray coverage and easy at-home application.


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