Red by Kiss Ceramic Tourmaline Pencil Flat Iron – Quickly Straighten, Flip and Curl Short to Medium Length Hair



Tame unruly locks and achieve smooth, sleek styles with the Red by Kiss Pencil Flat Iron. This innovative hair straightener is specially designed with shorter to medium length hair in mind, allowing you to straighten, flip, and curl with ease. Advanced ceramic tourmaline technology ensures even heat distribution, helping to smooth frizz and leave hair looking polished.

Specialized Plates Cater to Shorter Hair

The slim 0.3 inch plates on the Red by Kiss flat iron are ideal for shorter hair that a standard iron simply can’t handle. The narrow plates allow you to get up close to the roots to straighten pesky flyaways and touch up regrowth. Short hair also requires less passes with the slim plates, making styling a breeze. No more wrestling to chase longer strands through clunky plates! The ergonomic design even includes a pointed tip so you can target the edges around your hairline for sleek, polished styles.

Cut Down on Styling Time with Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

This flat iron makes quick work of styling shorter locks thanks to advanced ceramic tourmaline plates. Ceramic retains heat extremely well to deliver constant, even heat across the entire plate. This means no annoying hot spots or uneven styling. Tourmaline is a natural gemstone that generates negative ions when heated, helping to reduce static and frizz. The result is smooth, shiny hair with minimal flyaways in just a single pass. The quick heat-up gets you styling in no time, while the adjustable temperature up to 450°F lets you tailor the heat to your hair type.

Say Goodbye to Kinks and Curls

The Red by Kiss flat iron is specially designed to work with natural hair textures ranging from wavy to tightly curly. The slim profile allows you to straighten short to medium length curls quickly and easily. Simply section hair and run the iron from roots to ends using long, fluid strokes. The smooth ceramic tourmaline plates provide enough heat to straighten tightly coiled curls, yet won’t cause damage to delicate natural hair. For best results, apply a heat protectant spray before styling to prevent overdrying.

Maneuver with Ease with a 360° Swivel Cord

A tangle-free 360° swivel cord gives you the freedom to style at any angle. Pivot and flip the iron to follow the shape of your head without any tugging or restriction. The cord effortlessly moves with you, letting you comfortably reach even hard-to-style areas like the back. This flexibility helps prevent frustrating snags and allows continuous styling without interruptions.

Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

While the slim design is perfect for shorter styles, it still packs enough power to tackle thicker or coarse hair. The adjustable temperature reaches 450°F, providing the high heat needed to straighten resistant locks. However, exposure to such high temperatures can dry out hair and cause damage over time. Be sure to always prep hair with a heat protectant spray before using the flat iron. This creates a barrier between hair and the extreme heat, sealing in moisture and preventing broke, brittle hair.

Create Flipped Under and Out Styles

The rounded edges of the tourmaline plates make it easy to flip and curl the ends of your hair under or out. Once hair is straight, simply turn the iron at a 180° angle so the plates curve under at the ends. Applying light pressure as you slowly pull down adds a subtle flipped under shape. For a curled out look, gradually rotate the iron 180° as you style down the hair. Hold for 2 seconds before releasing. Finish with a spritz of strong hold hairspray to lock in the shape.

Touch Up Roots and Flyaways

Does unruly regrowth or short flyaways around your hairline drive you crazy? Thanks to the narrow 0.3 inch plate design, you can easily target and smooth difficult areas near the roots and hairline. Section out the top and sides of your hair and use the pointed tip to press down on stubborn spots near your part or around your face. The smooth plates seamlessly blend regrowth and polish flyaways for clean, professional looks.

Add Definition and Shape to Pixie and Bob Styles

Fun pixie cuts and bobs are the perfect canvas for the slim Red by Kiss iron. Amp up the volume and shape of your cropped cut by first rough drying hair upside down to boost roots. Then use the pointed iron to touch up bangs and fringe, sweeping them to one side or backward. Lift the roots as you smooth longer pieces on top and at the nape of the neck, directing them towards or away from the face. A few targeted flicks of the wrist at the ends will create gorgeous, sculpted definition in minutes.

Create a Variety of Textured Styles

The versatile slim design allows you to create an array of sleek, straight or textured styles. For polished yet bouncy flips, mist hair with a volumizing spray before ironing. After straightening, angle the iron out and rotate slightly as you smooth hair down. Alternate the direction of the flips by section for extra volume and dimension. Or add some beachy texture by simply straightening small subsections at a time. The result is natural-looking waves, ideal for casual daytime looks.

Smooth and Sculpt Edges and Baby Hairs

Touch up and define edges around the hairline with the streamlined design. The slim plates allow precise styling around your face and neck for a perfectly polished finish. Apply your favorite edge control gel or pomade to slick down flyaways and lay edges in place. Then simply run the tapered iron over areas around your temples, cheeks and nape for sleek, professional results. The precision tip also effortlessly straightens and sculpts baby hairs for a flawless laid look.

Safe for All Hair Types

This versatile iron is suitable for all hair types and textures. The adjustable heat settings comfortably straighten fragile fine hair, while still providing enough power to smooth thick, coarse locks. Advanced ionic technology keeps styles frizz-free and helps maintain moisture levels in dry, brittle hair. For best results, always use a heat protecting product prior to styling to prevent damage. Keep hair healthy by avoiding excessive direct heat and opting for gentle styling methods on your off days.

In summary, the Red by Kiss Pencil Flat Iron is specifically designed to tackle short to medium length hair that’s challenging to style with standard irons. The slim profile glides easily through layers and curls, while ceramic tourmaline technology creates smooth, sleek results in minimal time. Say goodbye to frizz and bad hair days with this must-have multitasking iron!


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