Professional Carbon Fiber Teasing Hair Comb for Styling, Cutting & Dressing All Hair Types



Get salon-worthy hairstyles at home with the Professional Carbon Fiber Teasing Hair Comb. This 2-in-1 comb features both fine and wide teeth to tackle all your styling, cutting, and dressing needs for any hair type.

The fine teeth on one side allow you to section hair cleanly and precisely for detailed styling. Create tidy parts, lift roots, and tease strands just like your stylist does. The wide teeth on the other side let you breeze through knotted, wet, or thick hair without snags or tugging. Their rounded tips gently massage your scalp for a soothing experience.

With its sleek black carbon fiber body, this professional comb provides the perfect balance of strength and lightweight maneuverability. The static-free material won’t attract extra hair to the teeth, keeping the comb slick and hair-free between uses.

Take your hair game to the next level with pro-stylist techniques right at home. Here are just some of the ways this 2-in-1 teasing comb can elevate your hair:

Flawless Styling for All Hair Types

The dual fine and wide teeth ensure this comb can tackle any hair type or texture.

For fine or fragile strands, the fine teeth allow you to gently detangle and section off hair without snagging or breakage. Add volume at the roots with some backcombing or teasing.
Those with thick, curly locks will love using the wide teeth to breeze through wet strands post-shower. Separate and define curls or waves without frizz or disruption of the curl pattern.
For straight, hard-to-manage hair, use the fine end to precisely part and section off pieces for styling. Add loads of volume with some backcombing at the crown.
Chemically treated or damaged hair benefits from the smoothly rounded wide teeth that won’t cause additional breakage when combing through.
Salon-Quality Cutting and Trimming

The fine teeth on this professional comb allow you to section off hair for detailed cutting and trimming. Get precise results at home just like your stylist does.

Cut bangs and face-framing layers to perfection. Section off hair neatly and angles to cut hair exactly as desired.
Trim split ends with precision. The tight teeth grip even the shortest strands so you can snip single split ends without cutting off too much length.
Detail the nape of the neck for a clean finish. Section off small, precise rows to get a sharp hairline.
Cut layers into long hair to remove bulk while keeping length. Use the fine teeth to lift and cut different sections.
Effortless Detangling for Healthier Hair

The wide teeth on this comb make detangling knots and tangles a breeze – preventing damaging rips, pulls, and breakage.

After shampooing and conditioning, start at the bottom and work upward to gently detangle wet strands from tips to roots.
Use on dry hair before brushing to remove knots and make brushing smoother and more comfortable.
Detangle styling products through strands to evenly distribute and prevent clumping.
Durable and Static-Free

The sleek carbon fiber composition provides durability and prevents static buildup.

Teeth stay firmly attached even with regular use unlike plastic combs. Won’t warp or bend out of shape over time.
Provides a smoother glide through hair without friction or tugging.
Minimizes stray hairs clinging to the comb between uses to keep it clean and hair-free.
Comfortable, Massaging Teeth

The rounded wide teeth gently massage and stimulate the scalp for a soothing experience.

Feels soothing on sensitive scalps compared to the sharp scratch of plastic combs.
Increases blood circulation at the roots for healthier hair growth.
Can be used in the shower for a relaxing scalp massage.
Give yourself salon-level hairstyles at a fraction of the cost with this professional teasing comb set. The high-quality carbon fiber and versatile dual-sided teeth provide a foolproof way to unlock your best hair.

Don’t settle for lackluster hair – style, cut, trim, and detangle strands with precision and care using this barber-quality comb.


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