Prada Luna Rossa Sport Eau de Toilette – Fresh, Masculine Scent for the Active Man



Introducing the newest fragrance from Prada – Luna Rossa Sport. This dynamic scent encapsulates the thrill of competitive sailing with notes of fresh citrus, aromatic lavender, and woodsy vetiver. Luna Rossa Sport is the perfect fragrance for active men who appreciate high-quality scents.

Top Notes of Sparkling Citrus and Spices

The top notes of Luna Rossa Sport hit the nose with an invigorating blast of fresh citrus, including succulent notes of Italian bergamot, mandarin, and grapefruit. Hints of spicy black pepper add warmth and vibrancy to the opening. This scintillating medley of citrus and spice arouses the senses and gets the blood pumping.

Heart Notes of Clary Sage and Aromatic Lavender

As Luna Rossa Sport dries down, the middle notes begin to emerge. Here, herbal clary sage combines with the soft floral bouquet of lavender to add an aromatic flair. The lavender note is sustained and noticeable, imparting Luna Rossa Sport with a comforting, pillowy richness. Overall, the heart notes have a clean, sporty feel.

Base Notes of Woody Vetiver and Musk

Finally, the base notes create lasting depth and sensuality. Dry, woody vetiver grounded in earthiness mingles with the warm, skin-hugging note of musk. This masculine base provides staying power and rounds out the scent profile. Overall, the aroma is energetic yet smooth.

Inspired by the Thrill of Competitive Sailing

The inspiration behind Luna Rossa Sport comes from the world of elite competitive sailing. Evoking the exhilaration of an important regatta, this fragrance captures all the adrenaline and excitement of the open sea. The sleek black and red bottle even takes cues from the bold graphics of the Luna Rossa sailing vessel.

Versatile Scent for Casual and Active Use

Luna Rossa Sport’s energetic aroma makes it perfectly suited for active men and casual everyday wear. The sparkling citrus opening and aromatic lavender heart feel fresh and light enough for the gym, outdoor activities, or a casual social outing. Yet the scent also has enough sophistication from the vetiver and musk base notes to transition seamlessly to the office or a night out.

A Fragrance that Makes a Statement

This dynamic eau de toilette from Prada makes a bold statement about its wearer. It immediately conveys a spirit of competition, adventure, and drive. If you’re an active,sporty man looking for a fragrance that sparks engagement and interest from those around you, Luna Rossa Sport is an excellent choice.

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Luna Rossa Sport is a fantastic scent for active men, but it’s also versatile enough for daily wear. Add this energetic fragrance to your collection to complete your fragrance wardrobe. It pairs excellently with clean, aquatic scents for daytime and work. The unique aromatic profile also makes it ideal for layering with woodsy, spicy, or leathery fragrances for evening.

Long-Lasting Performance

Luna Rossa Sport delivers lasting power on the skin. The burst of citrus slowly gives way to touches of lavender, vetiver, and musk that resist fading. Just a couple of sprays impart alluring aroma that persists for hours. The projection is moderate but very pleasant to those nearby.

High-Quality Composition

This excellent fragrance was crafted by master perfumers Carlos Benaïm and Clement Gavarry. Their skillful blend of invigorating citrus, aromatic herbs, and warm woods results in a scent profile that feels simultaneously fresh, comforting, and sensual. The composition highlights the very best that the bitter orange, lavender, and vetiver notes have to offer.

Stunning Bottle Design

The Luna Rossa Sport fragrance comes housed in a visually striking bottle. Its sleek, modern design features bold black and red graphics inspired by the iconic Luna Rossa yacht. The bottle makes a stylish statement on any dresser or fragrance shelf.

Prada – Renowned Italian Fashion House

Prada was founded in Milan, Italy in 1913 by Mario Prada. Today, it is one of the most prestigious and recognizable fashion houses in the world. The brand is known for impeccable craftsmanship and cutting-edge style that perfectly balances elegance and innovation. The Luna Rossa line of fragrances expertly encapsulates Prada’s competitive spirit and passion for achievement.

Bring the invigorating thrill of competitive sailing to your daily life with Luna Rossa Sport, a fresh aromatic fragrance for active men from the iconic fashion house Prada. This dynamic scent uplifts the senses and makes a bold statement about its confident, driven wearer. Add it to your collection today!


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