Prada Infusion D’Iris Eau de Parfum Spray for Women – Floral Scent with Iris, Orange Blossom, and Vetiver



Transport yourself to a garden in bloom with Prada’s Infusion D’Iris eau de parfum. This floral scent for women opens with top notes of mandarin orange and orange blossom, giving way to a heart of iris and galbanum. The fragrance finishes with a sophisticated base of vetiver and cedarwood.

An Elegant Floral Bouquet

Infusion D’Iris envelops you in femininity and grace. Italian iris is the star of this fragrance, lending the perfume its name and providing a refined, delicate character. The iris note is beautifully complemented by orange blossom, adding a touch of citrusy brightness, and galbanum’s fresh green accent.

These florals mingle with earthy vetiver and softly woody cedarwood to create a well-rounded composition that transitions seamlessly from day to evening. Infusion D’Iris has a character that is at once casual yet elegant.

The Art of Scent Design

Infusion D’Iris was crafted by renowned perfumers Daniela Andrier and Jean Claude Ellena, who carefully blended each note like an artist mixing paints on a palette.

The perfumers chose luxe natural ingredients, including iris pallida, vetiver from Haiti, and cedar leaf essential oil. The composition contains 70% natural ingredients, lending it a refreshing scent that feels close to nature.

The Prada Touch

This fragrance embodies the uncompromising creativity and passion of the iconic Italian fashion house of Prada. Known for pushing boundaries in fashion, Prada brings the same spirit to their perfume collection.

Like Prada’s modern, feminine clothing designs, Infusion D’Iris has a minimalist elegance. The simple yet luxurious pale yellow box evokes the perfume’s radiant character.

Wear Infusion D’Iris to envelope yourself in the unmistakable Prada aura of sophistication, artistry, and subtle confidence inspired by the ever-chic Prada woman.

When to Wear This Timeless Perfume

As versatile as your favorite LBD, Infusion D’Iris transitions seamlessly from day to night. In the morning, it opens with a burst of fresh yet delicate florals perfect for the office or running errands.

The scent becomes warmer and more sensual in the evening, making it ideal for a date night or formal event. A few sprays will last for hours, allowing you to move effortlessly from work to cocktails without needing to reapply.

Infusion D’Iris’s classic floral character with subtle woodsy depth suits women of all ages. It’s ideal for the minimalist who wants a signature scent that’s light enough for everyday but special enough for occasions.

Your Own Personal Iris Garden

Let this transportive fragrance sweep you away to a world of blooming iris flowers on a sunny day. As beautiful on the inside as the sleek, elegant exterior, Infusion D’Iris contains layer upon layer of exquisitely crafted floral notes.

Spritz on this perfume to surround yourself with the vibrant yet comforting scent of flowers. Feel feminine, fresh, and ready to take on your day with graceful confidence.

Infusion D’Iris is a bottled breeze from an iris garden – and it can be yours to enjoy every day. Add it to your perfume wardrobe to experience the luxurious craftsmanship and passion of Prada through scent.

Product Details

Top notes: mandarin orange, orange blossom
Heart notes: iris, galbanum
Base notes: vetiver, Virginia cedarwood
70% natural ingredients
3.4 fl oz eau de parfum spray
Paraben free
Housed in a sleek yellow box
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