PleasingCare Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Blotting Tissues for Fresh, Shine-Free Skin – 100 Linen Soft Tissues in Smart Dispenser



Keep excess oil and shine off your face anytime, anywhere with PleasingCare Natural Bamboo Charcoal Oil Blotting Tissues. These premium blotting sheets rapidly absorb excess oil and sebum thanks to the natural cleansing and absorbing benefits of bamboo charcoal. Within seconds, your skin feels fresh, matte and smooth without leaving any powdery residue behind.

Goodbye Greasy Shine, Hello Matte Complexion!

If you struggle with an oily t-zone, enlarged pores or just want to combat shine throughout the day, these natural blotting papers are a must-have! The soft 100% organic linen fibers gently remove oil, sweat, sebum and perspiration from the surface of your skin. The added bamboo charcoal provides extra oil absorption power to leave your complexion shine-free.

Use our facial blotting tissues anytime your skin looks or feels greasy. Simply press the sheet gently onto oily areas of your face including the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Don’t rub – just pat. The sheet will instantly absorb excess oil without disturbing your makeup. When the tissue becomes saturated, discard and use a fresh one for optimal results. You’ll love how soft and refreshed your skin feels!

One-Sheet Dispenser for On-The-Go Convenience

The easy pull-out dispenser is designed for portability and convenience. It allows you to extract one tissue at a time while keeping the rest of the pack clean. No need to fumble with the entire pack when you’re out and about. Just pull one sheet out, blot oil then throw away.

The dispenser case and sheets are small enough to toss into any bag or purse. Keep them in your car, office desk, makeup bag and anywhere else you need quick oil absorption on-the-go. Blotting tissues have never been more convenient!

Perfect for Both Men and Women

These natural facial blotting papers were designed for all skin types. Both men and women can benefit from removing excess facial oil throughout the day. No matter your skin type or oiliness level, our bamboo charcoal blotting tissues gently cleanse skin.

Men struggling with oily skin, sweat and enlarged pores can rely on these blotting tissues after workouts, long days at the office or anytime. The sheets easily remove grease, sweat and sebum without leaving residue or messing with facial hair.

Women can use the tissues over or under makeup to maintain a fresh, shine-free complexion all day. Touch up makeup after blotting and no one will know you battled greasy skin! Treat yourself or give the gift of oil control to girlfriends.

100% Natural Materials are Gentle on Skin

PleasingCare blotting tissues are made from premium natural materials that are gentle on all skin types:

100% Organic Linen Fibers: The soft linen cloth gently lifts dirt, oil and makeup from pores without irritation or redness. Linen is more absorbent than cotton, pulling more oil off your skin’s surface while feeling smooth.
Bamboo Charcoal: Bamboo charcoal naturally draws out impurities like a magnet, making it an amazing oil absorber. It also has anti-microbial properties to prevent breakouts.
No artificial fragrances, parabens or chemicals
You can trust PleasingCare blotting tissues are free of harsh ingredients. Our formula contains no bleaches, perfumes or dyes that could irritate delicate facial skin. Just pure natural absorbing power.

Freshen Up Your Complexion Anywhere!

Thanks to the convenient dispenser case, take these blotting tissues anywhere you go:

Office desk drawer for midday touch ups
Gym bag for post workout refreshments
Purse for on-the-go oil control
Nightstand or bathroom for morning and evening skincare prep
Makeup bag to prep skin before makeup application
The neutral, sleek dispenser looks elegant on any vanity or surface. Discreetly refresh oily skin at the office, on a date or girls night out. These natural blotting papers are your secret weapon for fresh, shine-free skin anytime!

Experience the powerful oil absorption of bamboo charcoal with the gentle touch of organic linen fibers. PleasingCare Natural Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Tissues keep your complexion clear and confident all day, wherever life takes you. Add them to your skincare routine now!


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