Pino Silvestre Original By Pino Silvestre For Men – Eau De Toilette Spray, 4.2 Oz



Feel the irresistible allure of the classic Pino Silvestre scent. This iconic fragrance evokes the wild spirit of the rugged outdoorsman with its rich, natural aroma. Allow your inner confidence to shine through as you exude the sophisticated, yet primal magnetism of Pino Silvestre.

Top Notes of Herbs and Citrus Awaken the Senses

The top notes burst open with an invigorating medley of aromatic herbs and zesty citrus. Clary sage adds an earthy, herbal nuance while fresh lemon provides a dash of sparkling vibrancy. Basil brings a sweet, anise-tinged richness to round out the bright herbal accord.

Heart Notes of Exotic Woods and Warm Spices

As the fragrance evolves, the middle notes unfurl with a blend of exotic woods and gently spiced accords. Brazilian rosewood emanates a rich, sensual aroma that speaks to your passionate nature. Nutmeg and ginger mingle with the rosewood, adding a touch of spicy warmth.

Base Notes of Musk and Moss Deepen the Scent

Finally, the base notes create a lasting impression with balsamic nuances of oakmoss and earthy vetiver. The oakmoss adds a subtle touch of the forest floor while vetiver provides a deeply rooted, green vibrancy. Tonka bean complemented by gentle musk notes leave a smooth, creamy trail.

The Fragrance of Adventure and Sophistication

This timeless scent encapsulates the spirit of masculine confidence and sophistication. It’s perfect for the modern gentleman who embodies adventure and passion. The natural herbal and woody notes make it ideal for casual daytime wear or a night out. The bold, vibrant aroma commands attention with its alluring virility.

Long Lasting and Powerfully Alluring

While many fragrances fade quickly, Pino Silvestre is designed to last. The rich essential oils ensure this scent lingers for hours, allowing you to carry its irresistible aura with you wherever you go. It’s specially crafted to project powerfully so those around you will bask in its seductive wake.

A Truly Iconic Men’s Fragrance

First launched in the 1960s, Pino Silvestre has withstood the test of time to become a staple of men’s grooming. While trends come and go, this timeless fragrance remains beloved for its bold, virile elegance. It continues to be a go-to fragrance for men who value sophistication, virility, and a touch of rugged charm.

Striking Crystal Bottle Design

The bottle’s design perfectly embodies the fragrance within. Its angular facets resemble a striking crystal formation, exuding sophistication. The vibrant green hue evokes the fresh herbal essences. And the tapered shape is reminiscent of a pine cone, reflecting the outdoorsy spirit of Pino Silvestre.

Unlock Your Magnetic Appeal

Allow the bold power of Pino Silvestre to unlock a commanding, magnetic appeal that draws others to you. Its rich formula radiates an unmistakable sensuality to excite the senses. Let this fragrance awaken your inner alpha male as you take on the world with fearless confidence.

How to Apply

To enjoy the full experience of this fragrance, apply to your pulse points. Start with your wrists, inner elbows, and neck. You can also spray onto your chest for longer lasting aroma. Apply right after showering for best results, as the mist adheres best to freshly cleaned skin. Avoid rubbing wrists together as this can crush the notes.

When to Wear

The vibrant herbal citrus notes make this an ideal daytime scent for the office or casual gatherings. Yet its spicy, earthy base also lends itself beautifully to nighttime wear. It’s perfect for special occasions from a first date to a black tie affair. The rich woods and musk base notes come alive on the dance floor.

Give the Gift of Timeless Sophistication

Pino Silvestre makes a fantastic gift for the special man in your life. It’s the perfect signature scent for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. Watch his confidence soar as he embraces the irresistible magnetism of this classic fragrance.


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