PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum for Women, Feminine Floral Scent with Bergamot, 60ml



Treat yourself to the amazingly clean, beautifully feminine scent of PHILOSOPHY’s best-selling fragrance in a concentrated Eau de Parfum. Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum envelops you in the soft, welcoming notes of bergamot, muguet blossoms and musk for a sensation of beauty, hope and joy.

This perfume opens with a crisp, bright top note of bergamot, ideal for daytime wear. Lily of the valley and musk bloom at the heart, lending the fragrance its soft, powdery floral signature. It dries down to a sensual musk base with lingering hints of woods and citrus.

Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum is a slightly more intimate, concentrated version of the iconic clean floral fragrance. It’s perfect for women who love the pure, welcoming scent of the original eau de toilette but prefer richer, longer-lasting aromas. The Eau de Parfum format gives you the same uplifting fragrance with enhanced depth, silage and staying power.

An Enduring Favorite with a Softer, More Sensual Edge

Since its debut in 1996, Amazing Grace has become PHILOSOPHY’s number one fragrance worldwide. This delicate floral is universally flattering and suited to everyday wear. It evokes feelings of joy and beauty with its soft, clean notes.

While the Eau de Toilette is bright and sparkling, the Eau de Parfum has a richer, more sensual effect. It’s perfect for women who want a deeper, more velvety floral scent that isn’t overpowering. The muted musk base provides a soft veil of mystery, in place of the Eau de Toilette’s crisp finish.

How to Wear this Feminine Scent

PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum is recommended for casual daily wear. It’s designed to make a woman feel quietly confident, beautiful and embrace her own natural grace. Spray it on in the morning to carry yourself with poise throughout the day.

This fragrance is soft and polite enough for close personal encounters, without shouting. It won’t overpower in close spaces like elevators or meetings. Instead, it gently envelops you in beauty, creating a welcoming first impression.

Layer the Eau de Parfum with the perfumed body creme for a more intense silage. On its own, 2-3 sprays will last all day. Reapply to pulse points like wrists, neck and décolletage to refresh. The floral heart notes really blossom on warmer skin.

Lovely Notes:

Top notes: Bergamot, Green Vegetables, Muguet, Magnolia

Heart notes: Iris, Lilac, Rose, Grasses, Orris Root, Jasmine

Base notes: Musk, Patchouli, Woods, Amber

Beauty, Hope & Joy in an Elegant Bottle

The frosted glass bottle echoes the delicate beauty of the fragrance inside. Its sculpted shape is feminine and softly curved, with a gold-tinged philosophy logo. Box and bottle represent the beauty of embracing one’s own natural grace.

Like all philosophy fragrances, Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum is cruelty-free with no animal testing. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes or other questionable ingredients. It’s safe to spritz freely throughout the day.

One 2oz/60mL bottle provides over 800 sprays, enough to scent yourself head-to-toe daily for well over a month. PHILOSOPHY fragrances are concentrated to provide excellent value. A little goes a long way.

Transform Your Mood with Uplifting Aroma

Research shows fragrance can shift your mood, boost confidence and impact how others perceive you. Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum promotes inner calm and a sense of joyful wellbeing.

The clean, inviting scent puts out positive vibes wherever you go. It’s hard not to feel more relaxed and uplifted when you catch a whiff of beautiful blooms like lily of the valley.

Spritz on this delicate perfume any time you want to feel quietly confident from the inside out. It’s amazing how transformative scent can be.

With uplifting bergamot and floral notes, Amazing Grace Eau de Parfum is beauty bottled. One spritz can lift your spirits and remind you to embrace grace in every moment.


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