Philips SatinShave Cordless Wet/Dry Shaver for Sensitive Leg Skin



Tired of razor cuts, bumps and irritation shaving your legs? This Philips SatinShave electric shaver gently removes hair without nicking sensitive skin. Use it wet or dry for smooth, stubble-free legs whenever you want.

Designed for Sensitive Areas

Unlike harsh razors, the SatinShave protects vulnerable leg skin while thoroughly removing unwanted hair. The hypoallergenic foil closely follows your curves without painful nicks or scrapes.

An integrated trimmer catches longer hairs before the floating foil shaves close to the skin’s surface. The optimized cutting angle whisks away hair smoothly and comfortably even on delicate areas like knees and ankles.

Wet and Dry Use Options

You can use this convenient electric shaver dry for quick touch-ups anytime. Or lather up with shave gel in the shower for a smoother wet shave – the waterproof design makes both options possible.

Apply your favorite shave cream, oil or gel to lubricate skin for a closer, gentler shave. The SatinShave’s smooth hypoallergenic foil glides over slick skin without pulling or tugging hair.

Cordless Convenience

As a battery-powered shaver, SatinShave goes wherever you do without cords getting in the way. No need to shave next to a plug near a mirror – you can reach all areas of your legs with ease.

Pop in the included AA batteries and shave wherever is most convenient, whether in the shower, in front of the TV or before heading out the door. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand at any angle.

Compact and Travel-Ready

The petite, lightweight design takes up minimal space in your toiletries bag or purse. No bulky charger base required! The protective travel cap keeps the shaving head safe in transit.

Stay smooth and stubble-free on vacation, business trips or weekends away without lugging along heavy shavers. Toss it in your gym bag to fix up fuzzy legs after workouts. Wherever you roam, this portable shaver goes with you.

Built-in Trimmer

Letting leg hair grow out between shaves? No problem! The integrated trimmer cuts longer hairs down before the foil gets to work.

It also handily trims hard-to-reach areas like behind your knees or around your ankles. Forget about tricky razors – the trimmer and floating foil together make quick work of leg hair at any length.

How to Use the SatinShave

Shaving your sensitive legs is easy with the SatinShave:

  1. Wash legs with soap and water, or apply shave gel/cream.
  2. Turn on the shaver and hold perpendicular to skin.
  3. Gently glide in downward strokes to remove hair.
  4. Rinse razor under water while on to clean between passes.
  5. Finish by rinsing legs clean of hair and gel/cream.

Be sure to keep skin taut for a closer shave. Go over tricky areas like knees a few extra times until smooth.

Includes Cleaning Brush and Travel Cap

Pamper your new electric shaver by keeping it clean! The handy brush whisks away trimmed hairs that collect inside the foil.

The protective travel cap slips over the shaving head to prevent damage when tossed in your suitcase or gym bag. Two AA batteries come included so you can start shaving immediately.

Say Goodbye to Razor Irritation!

No more spending endless time shaving your legs, only to end up with nicks, bumps and red irritated skin. This Philips SatinShave gently removes hair in just minutes for touchably smooth results without the irritation.

The hypoallergenic foil floats to follow your leg contours, removing hair without scraping or cutting. Wet or dry use leaves legs fuzz-free and soft. Enjoy the cordless convenience and compact portability.

Your legs will thank you for switching to this gentle, protective electric shaver designed just for sensitive skin. Kiss rough razors goodbye and experience comfortable hair removal anywhere with the SatinShave!


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