Perry Ellis 360 Men’s Eau de Toilette Spray, Refreshing Woody Aromatic Scent



Take your senses on an invigorating aromatic journey with Perry Ellis 360 Men’s Eau de Toilette. This dynamic fragrance opens with a burst of fresh citrus and berries, melds into a heart of herbs and florals, and finishes with a sexy, sophisticated woodsy base.

Top Notes

The top notes offer an exhilarating splash of citrus with Italian bergamot, tangerine, and juicy pineapple. Tart red currant and sweet wild berries add fruity vibrancy. Classic herbs like sage and lavender lend an aromatic herbal nuance.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance evolves, the heart blooms with rich geranium and clean jasmine. Hints of clary sage enhance the herbal tones, while oakmoss and fir balsam provide an earthy backdrop.

Base Notes

The base notes create a sensual woody signature with creamy sandalwood, earthy vetiver, and warm amber. Subtle musk adds soft texture.

Fragrance Profile

This brilliantly balanced composition has a refreshing and invigorating edge. The citrus and fruits offer a bright opening, while the herbs and woods provide an aromatic, sensual depth. Versatile for day or night, this scent suits the dynamic modern man.

Perry Ellis Heritage

Since its launch in 1978, Perry Ellis has been an iconic American fashion brand. Named for its founding designer, Perry Ellis delivered stylish, wearable clothing with a sporty edge. That pioneering East Coast prep meets West Coast chill vibe became Perry Ellis’ signature aesthetic.

In the 1990s, Perry Ellis expanded into fragrance, bringing its laidback sophistication to the world of scent. Perry Ellis 360 Men launched in 1996 and became an instant hit. This aromatic fougère captured the effortless Perry Ellis attitude with its breezy citrus opening and sexy woody base.

Perry Ellis 360 Men remains a bestselling scent over 20 years later thanks to its timeless appeal. Refreshing and masculine, this versatile fragrance transitions seamlessly from outdoor adventures to nights out. Spritz on Perry Ellis 360 Men to make a stylish statement about who you are.

How to Wear It

Perry Ellis 360 Men is designed for daytime wear but also works for evenings out. The vibrant citrus opening is perfect for active days outdoors. The woodsy base adds allure for date nights or social events. Apply liberally for big projection that leaves a memorable impression.

When to Wear It

This dynamic scent can be worn year-round in any weather or season:

Spring/Summer: The bright citrus notes are uplifting on hot sunny days. The herbal heart is crisp and cooling.

Fall/Winter: The woods and amber lend warmth during colder months. Layer it with a cozy sweater or jacket.

Daytime: The bergamot, tangerine, and pineapple are energizing for daytime wear. The sage adds a morning freshness.

Nighttime: The sensual base notes make it perfect for evenings out. The musk and amber add allure after dark.

Where to Wear It

With its versatile aromatic scent profile, Perry Ellis 360 Men works for a variety of occasions:

Work: The modern woody aroma projects confidence in professional settings. It’s sophisticated but not stuffy.

Casual: The laidback citrus and herbal notes are perfect for weekends and days off. It matches a casual style.

Night Out: The base notes create intrigue for evenings out, from dates to parties and events.

Outdoors: The refreshing bergamot and pineapple are ideal for outdoor activities and athletics.

Who Can Wear It

Perry Ellis 360 Men is suitable for modern men of all ages. The aromatic scent profile has universal appeal. It works for:

Young Men: The vibrant fruits and woods capture a youthful energy. It’s not too mature for younger guys.

Mature Men: The refined woods and amber give it sophistication. It’s not too youthful for older men.

Outgoing Men: The big projection makes it perfect for social butterflies who want to make an impression.

Laidback Men: The relaxed vibe matches men with an easygoing casual style.

Gift-Worthy Presentation

The stylish packaging makes this scent ideal for gifting. Offered in a sleek glass bottle with silver accents, it arrives housed inside an elegant black box. A classy gift for birthdays, holidays, graduations, and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of Perry Ellis 360 Men Eau de Toilette. If you are not completely satisfied with this fragrance, return it within 90 days for a full refund or replacement.

Give your senses an invigorating boost of energy with the exhilarating aroma of Perry Ellis 360 Men. This aromatic woody fragrance will appeal to modern men with active lifestyles. Perry Ellis 360 Men – refresh, recharge, and experience 360 degrees of allure.


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