Perry Ellis 360 for Women EDT – Sparkling Citrus Lavender Perfume with Amber Musk



Transport your senses with the lively and romantic Perry Ellis 360 Eau de Toilette. This fruity-floral fragrance opens with effervescent notes of Italian bergamot, juicy mandarin orange and fresh pear. A heart of lavender and freesia blooms with femininity while velvety peach skin leaves a tender trail. The fragrance finishes with sensual amber and musk embracing your skin with warmth and sensuality.

Top Notes:
– Zesty Italian Bergamot
– Juicy Mandarin Orange
– Crisp Green Pear

Middle Notes:
– Lavender
– Freesia
– Peach Skin

Base Notes:
– Creamy Amber
– Musk

Like the confident, charismatic woman who wears it, Perry Ellis 360 captivates with its lively citrus opening and romantic floral heart. The fruity top notes add a bright pop of effervescence while lavender brings a feminine flair. Peach skin leaves a tender, velvety trail before sensual amber and musk take over in the base. This multifaceted fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Perry Ellis 360 is a stunning convergence of fruits, flowers and warmth. Italian bergamot and mandarin orange lend a sparkling citrus zest in the opening. Green pear adds a fresh bite while lavender brings out the floral bouquet at the heart. Freesia petals enhance the romantic femininity. Peach skin leaves a smooth, velvety texture that blends into the sensual base of amber and musk. This complex fragrance will envelop you in fruity freshness during the day and a warm, ambery embrace at night.

A spray of Perry Ellis 360 transforms any moment into one that is lively, romantic and memorable. The luminous Eau de Toilette gleams in a brilliant teal bottle as intoxicating as the scent within. Treat yourself to a sensory experience that celebrates your multi-faceted femininity. Spray on your pulse points for a lasting fragrance that accompanies you throughout the day. Or mist your space and walk through the aromatic cloud to refresh your spirit and surround yourself in beauty.

Top Notes:
Sicilian Bergamot – Adds a lively, citrusy opening with sparkling freshness. This type of bergamot grows exclusively on the coast of Italy.
Mandarin Orange – Brings juicy, fruity sweetness. This zesty citrus note lifts the bright top.
Green Pear – Crisp pear enhances the fruity vibrancy. Its green facets lend freshness.

Middle Notes:
Lavender – A floral note loved for its calming aroma and romantic connotations. Opens the heart with feminine flair.
Freesia – A tender, sweet floral that blends beautifully with the lavender. Its petals enhance the bouquet.
Peach Skin – Juicy peach tone that imparts velvety softness. It leaves a smooth, skin-like texture.

Base Notes:
Amber – A warm, ambery note that creates sensual depth. It has a slightly powdery creaminess.
Musk – Soft, skin-like musk wraps the skin in a gentle embrace. It lingers gently and intimately.

Perry Ellis 360 Eau de Toilette (EDT) –

Concentration – EDTs contain 4-8% perfume oils, making them lighter than EDPs. 360 EDT offers lively fruits and florals.

Projection – Radiates moderately from the skin, drawing compliments without overpowering.

Longevity – Lingers for hours with proper application. Refresh as needed for continuous enjoyment.

Versatility – Transitions seamlessly from day to night. Fruity and bright by day, warmly sensual for evenings.

How to Apply:
For best results, hold the bottle 6-10 inches from skin and spray 2-4 times. Apply to clean, dry skin on pulse points like the wrists, neck and décolletage. The warmth of your body will diffuse the fragrance. Reapply as desired to refresh. For an alluring scent trail, mist your favorite perfume zones and walk through the scent cloud.

When to Wear:
Perry Ellis 360 is a versatile fragrance for all occasions. The fruity citrus notes make it perfect for daytime wear, especially in spring and summer. The floral heart and ambery base lend romance for evenings out. Wear it to the office for a hint of sophistication, on dates for some extra charm, or anytime you want to feel fun, feminine and fabulous.

Who Can Wear It:
Perry Ellis 360 was created for women of all ages. Its playful fruity notes and feminine florals appeal to younger women, while the sensual base offers sophistication. The fragrance transitions seamlessly from day to night, making it the perfect choice for lively, romantic and sensual women of all ages.

This lively, romantic and sensual fragrance is an aromatic experience that celebrates the many captivating facets of today’s confident, charismatic woman. Treat yourself to the fruity freshness and ambery intimacy of Perry Ellis 360 Eau de Toilette.


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