Perry Ellis 360 for Women Eau De Toilette Spray – 100 milliliter/3.4 ounce



Embrace your bold, confident spirit with Perry Ellis 360 for Women. This alluring eau de toilette radiates warmth and femininity, wrapping you in an irresistible aura from head to toe. Top notes of juicy pear, sparkling mandarin and lush water lily mingle with an elegant heart of peony, lily of the valley and velvety rose. A sensual base of vanilla, creamy sandalwood and musk lingers on your skin, accentuating your inner glow.

An Empowering Blend for the Modern Woman

Perry Ellis 360 for Women is a vibrant, multifaceted fragrance that celebrates every side of you. It opens with an effervescent splash of pear and mandarin, immediately brightening your mood. Dewy water lily adds a touch of freshness, conjuring images of a calm lake glistening under the sun. As the fragrance develops, peony, lily of the valley and rose bloom in the heart notes, exuding delicate femininity. A warm base of vanilla bean, sandalwood and musk grounds the scent, imparting sensuality and sophistication.

This harmonious blend transitions seamlessly from day to night, complementing both your laid-back and glamorous sides with ease. A few spritzes in the morning energize and uplift, while an application before evening plans makes you feel elegant and irresistible. Perry Ellis 360 for Women embraces every facet of who you are, bringing out your inner radiance.

Pulse Points For Long-Lasting Fragrance

To enjoy the beautiful evolution of this eau de toilette, apply to clean, dry skin in key pulse points. Mist over wrists, behind ears and on the neck, where blood circulation is closest to the skin’s surface. The warmth of your body activates the notes, allowing the scent to blossom. Reapply to pulse points throughout the day to revive your fragrance and surround yourself in a sensual aura.

For long-lasting effects fragrance should be applied to the body’s pulse points. The heat from these areas will diffuse the notes, creating an alluring scent trail. Key pulse points include:

  • Inside wrists: Spritz on both wrists then gently rub together to transfer scent.
  • Behind ears: Mist behind both ears for an enchanting sillage.
  • Base of throat: Apply to nape of neck so fragrance blooms as you move.
  • Inside elbows: Spray inner elbows then touch wrists together to mix notes.
  • Behind knees: For a sexy touch, mist back of knees.
  • Décolletage: Lightly spray across chest for a delicate scent.

Top Notes

The top notes in Perry Ellis 360 for Women eau de toilette feature vibrant fruits and watery florals:

  • Pear: Juicy, ripe pear lends a sweet, lush fruity aroma.
  • Mandarin: Zesty mandarin orange provides an effervescent freshness.
  • Water Lily: Dewy water lily imparts a smooth aquatic blossom scent.

Heart Notes

Feminine florals comprise the heart notes of Perry Ellis 360 for Women:

  • Peony: Peony infuses a soft, powdery rose fragrance.
  • Lily of the Valley: Delicate lily of the valley adds a gentle floral bouquet.
  • Rose: Velvety rose provides an elegant, romantic bloom.

Base Notes

Warm, rich base notes give depth and sensuality:

  • Vanilla: Creamy vanilla bean lends a smooth, sweet softness.
  • Sandalwood: Earthy sandalwood imparts a subtle, woody character.
  • Musk: Sheer musk provides an alluring glow.

With top notes that sparkle, heart notes that captivate and base notes that seduce, Perry Ellis 360 for Women is a multi-faceted fragrance fit for the vibrant, confident modern woman. Let your inner light shine brighter than ever before with this radiant eau de toilette.


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