Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush – Create a Luxurious Lather for the Closest, Smoothest Wet Shave Possible



Experience the ultimate traditional wet shave with the Perfecto 100% pure badger shaving brush. This professional quality brush generates a rich, creamy lather to lift whiskers and allow for a closer, gentler glide of your razor. The genuine badger bristles stimulate and exfoliate for healthy, glowing skin.

100% Authentic Badger Hair for a Luxurious Feel

The extra-soft badger hair bristles retain warmth and water to build a thick, moisturizing shaving lather. Badger hair has superior strength and softness to gently massage the skin and prepare your beard for shaving without irritation.

Creates a Rich Creamy Lather from Shave Creams and Soaps

This premium badger hair shaving brush expertly whips up shaving cream or soap into a lush lather that allows your razor to glide smoothly over skin. The bristles lift whiskers for a closer shave and prevent razor burn.

Exfoliates and Massages Skin

As you work the shaving brush over your face in a circular motion, the bristles provide a gentle exfoliating effect to sweep away dead cells and leaves skin feeling fresh. The soft tips gently massage and stimulate blood circulation for improved skin health.

Ergonomic Handle Provides Control and Balance

The classic handle design feels comfortable and secure in your hand with just the right weight and grip. Use the precision tip to lather tricky areas like under the nose.

High-Quality Materials Built to Last

Crafted with a durable walnut wood handle and set in chrome-plated brass, this professional grade shaving brush is made to provide a lifetime of successful wet shaves. Makes a sophisticated addition to your shave set.

Upgrade your daily shaving ritual with the Perfecto 100% pure badger brush. Your skin will thank you!


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