PBR Black and Blue Men’s Cologne – Crisp, Fresh Masculine Scent



Capture the Spirit of the American West with PBR Black and Blue Men’s Cologne. This crisp, fresh, and masculine scent is the official fragrance partner of the Professional Bull Riders. Inspired by the strength and determination of professional bull riders, PBR Black and Blue embodies the rugged spirit of the sport.

The top notes burst open with a bright citrus accord of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin. This gives way to a heart of fresh sage, soothing lavender, and cracked black pepper. The pepper note adds a spicy bite, while the herbs provide an outdoorsy, rugged feel.

The base notes are enriched with elegant jasmine, heady orange flower, creamy sandalwood, earthy oakmoss, and sensual patchouli. These deep, woodsier notes keep the fragrance grounded and masculine. The overall effect is a scent that starts out fresh and vibrant, then dries down to a smooth, spicy warmth.

PBR Black and Blue evokes images of the wide open plains, rocky canyons, and the tough-as-nails cowboys that tame wild bulls. This cologne is bold and adventurous, perfect for the man who embraces the cowboy lifestyle. Spray it on for a day at the rodeo or a night out on the town.

Housed in a textured black bottle with an iconic PBR logo, this cologne makes a great gift for the Western enthusiast or rodeo fan in your life. The packaging features a blue accent color and debossed lettering, nodding to the “blue shirt” worn by professional bull riders in competition.

Tru Western, the maker of PBR Black and Blue, is the official fragrance partner of the PBR. They work closely with real professional bull riders to create scents that embody the spirit of the sport. A portion of sales goes back to the Western community through their #4others initiative.

With top notes of citrus, mid notes of sage and lavender, and base notes of jasmine and woods, PBR Black and Blue is a well-balanced men’s fragrance. It’s fresh and crisp up top, with a smooth spicy warmth at the dry down. The cologne is rugged and masculine, inspired by the strength of professional bull riders.

Spray on this adventurous scent for a cowboy-inspired aura. It evokes images of the great American West – open skies, rocky trails, and the tough-as-nails riders who risk it all for 8 seconds on the back of a bucking bull. Wear it to feel like you just stepped off the ranch.

If you don’t love this fragrance, Tru Western has a customer-friendly return policy. They’ll buy back the cologne, no questions asked. Their customer care team is ready to help if you need anything.

As a brand, Tru Western makes bold, innovative men’s grooming products while giving back to the Western community. They are authentic to the lifestyle, partnering with real cowboys to design scents and styles that embody the spirit of the American West.

Overall, PBR Black and Blue is:

Official fragrance partner of the PBR
Inspired by the strength of professional bull riders
Fresh, crisp opening with citrus and herbs
Smooth, spicy warmth at the dry down
Rugged and masculine
Adventurous cowboy vibe
Housed in a textured bottle with PBR logo
Part of Tru Western’s #4others initiative
Customer-friendly return policy
For the cowboy who wants to evoke the spirit of the wide open plains and live with the strength of a professional bull rider, PBR Black and Blue is the perfect scent. Crack open this bottle to release a smooth, spicy cologne that embodies the adventurous Western lifestyle.


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