PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile for Men – EDT Spray Inspired by Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb (3.4 fl oz)



Transport your senses to a vibrant world of adventure with PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile. This bold yet refined men’s fragrance brilliantly captures the exhilarating spirit of Viktor & Rolf’s original Spicebomb EDT.

Top notes of fresh grapefruit, aromatic lavender and spicy pink peppercorn accord open to reveal a fiery heart of masculine leather, tobacco and warm spices. Earthy vetiver paired with sensual amber creates an unforgettable base that lingers enticingly on the skin.

With its sleek glass bottle and fiery red packaging, PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile makes a striking statement. The ergonomic spray atomizer makes application clean, controlled and easy.

An Electrifying Scent Adventure for the Modern Man

PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile ignites the senses and fuels the passion for life within every modern, adventurous man. This daring fragrance fuses fresh fruits, aromatic herbs, spicy elements and deep musk to create an utterly unique and addictive scent.

The exhilarating top notes provide the perfect introduction to this scent’s fiery personality. Succulent grapefruit surrounded by aromatic lavender and spikes of pink pepper create an opening as thrilling as a desert motorbike ride at sunset.

As the fragrance develops, rum-infused leather ramps up the spice factor as it intertwines with traces of aromatic tobacco leaf. Smooth cinnamon and sparkling nutmeg add warmth and sensuality to the bold leather heart.

Finally, the fragrance reveals its depth at the base, as earthy vetiver and creamy amber grounds the scent with a masculine muskiness. The vetiver adds a natural grassy nuance while the amber provides a sensual, vanilla-laced undertone.

This brilliantly balanced eau de toilette has a smooth, mellow sillage that captivates without overpowering. The scent lasts 8 to 10 hours on average, letting you carry that adventurous spirit within you all day and night.

For the Modern, Masculine Man

PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile was crafted for the modern man who lives boldly, freely and according to his own rules. This scent captures his strength, intensity and charisma in a bottle.

Confident, self-assured and always ready for action, the Volatile man appreciates both ruggedness and refinement. He is equally at home hiking through the wilderness as he is dining in an elegant restaurant.

The Volatile man is driven by his lust for life. He takes risks, pushes boundaries and fully engages in everything he does. He is as complex and varied as this fragrance itself.

Whether embarking on an outdoor adventure or an evening out, PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile infuses the Volatile man’s presence with intriguing sensuality. It becomes an integral part of his self-expression.

High-Quality Composition

PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile utilizes only the finest fragrance oils to achieve its bold, well-balanced scent. There are no fillers, synthetic chemicals or substandard ingredients used in its careful composition.

It takes over 50 individual high-grade oils to craft this exceptional fragrance. The oils are obtained from around the world and vigilantly tested for purity and quality. Each raw material is meticulously added in the perfect proportions to produce the desired notes.

PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile does contain ethyl alcohol, water, and other essential non-hazardous ingredients. It is safe for use for nearly everyone when applied according to instructions.

As with all fragrances, it’s best not to spray directly on sensitive areas and to avoid contact with the eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

How to Apply

To enjoy the best performance from PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile:

Apply to clean, dry skin in key pulse points like the neck, wrists, chest and shoulders. Heat activates the notes, so warmth is ideal.

Start with 1 to 3 sprays for subtle scenting or 4 to 6 sprays for a bold signature. Less is more – overspraying can reduce longevity and cause scent fatigue for yourself and others.

Pair with the matching PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile scented body lotion for intensified layers. Apply moisturizer first and then spritz fragrance over it.

For maximum longevity, bring a small travel size atomizer with you to refresh halfway through the day if desired.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light and heat to preserve the quality.

Avoid rubbing wrists together after application, as this can crush the notes. Let the fragrance diffuse naturally.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality and design of PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile. Your satisfaction with this product is our top priority.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us through Amazon for a courteous refund or replacement.

Ignite your rebellious spirit and live boldly. Order PB ParfumsBelcam Volatile today!


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