Paul Sebastian Cologne For Men – Invigorating Scent with Crisp Citrus, Spicy Accords and Warm Woods



Escape to an oasis of invigorating freshness with Paul Sebastian Cologne For Men. This timeless fragrance combines crisp citrus opening notes with spicy accords and warm woods for a scent that energizes and uplifts.

Top Notes

The top notes burst open with a sparkling blend of fresh mandarin, bergamot, lemon and neroli. These bright citrus essences deliver an instant hit of crispness that clears the mind and awakens the senses.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance evolves, spicy accords take center stage. Notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon add warmth and intrigue. Their rich aromas wrap you in a comforting embrace while still retaining the scent’s vibrant spirit.

Base Notes

Finally, earthy woods notes ground the fragrance with their sensual muskiness. Sandalwood, vetiver and cedar provide an alluring trail that beckons others closer. Their inviting richness perfectly balances the citrus freshness.

Energizing Yet Soothing

This ingenious blend of invigorating and soothing notes creates an affect that is simultaneously energizing and soothing. The result is a scent that picks you up when you’re feeling low and calms you when you’re feeling stressed. It’s perfect for giving you a boost before an important meeting or helping you unwind after a long day.

Versatile Scent for Any Occasion

Paul Sebastian Cologne’s versatile character makes it suitable for any occasion or time of day. The vibrant citrus notes provide perfect refreshment for daytime wear, while the woods and spices offer sensual warmth for evening. It effortlessly transitions from work to date night.

About the Design House

Paul Sebastian was launched in 1979 and named after the famous American hair stylist Paul Sebastian. The brand aims to evoke the style and sophistication of 1970’s America with fragrances that are equal parts playful, elegant and timeless. They continue to uphold Paul Sebastian’s tradition of crafting high quality, memorable scents for modern men.

How to Apply

Paul Sebastian Cologne is packaged in a handsome glass splash bottle with convenient screw top. To apply, first shake the bottle to blend the fragrance. Unscrew the top then splash 2-4 dabs onto pulse points like the wrists, neck and chest. The warmth of your skin will help to diffuse the scent so others can share in its vibrant character. Reapply as needed to refresh the scent throughout your day.

Key Features

  • Top notes of mandarin, bergamot, lemon and neroli provide an energizing citrus freshness
  • Heart notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon add spicy warmth and intrigue
  • Base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and cedar offer sensual, musky woods
  • Balances invigorating and soothing notes for the perfect pick-me-up scent
  • Versatile for any occasion from work days to evenings out
  • From the iconic Paul Sebastian house founded in the 1970’s
  • Handsome splash bottle for easy, convenient application

Delight Your Senses and Uplift Your Mood

Experience the vibrant scents of Paul Sebastian Cologne For Men. Its lively blend of citrus, spice and woods delights the senses and puts a spring in your step. Let this exhilarating fragrance uplift your mood and energize your day!


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