Paul Sebastian Casual Women’s Eau de Parfum – Fresh, Floral Scent for Day or Night



Escape into effortless elegance with Paul Sebastian Casual, a light and airy women’s fragrance that envelops you in delicate floral notes with a fresh, clean scent. This perfume is perfect for day or night wear, with a blend of floral essences that create a joyful yet soothing aura.

An Easygoing Fragrance for Carefree Days

True to its name, Casual reflects a relaxed and easygoing attitude with its breezy floral notes that seem to whisper ‘carefree.’ One spritz of this perfume immediately transports you to sunny meadows filled with blooms.

At the top, effervescent citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, and mandarin orange impart a sparkling burst of energy. As the scent unfolds, a bouquet of white florals emerges, with lily of the valley bringing its sweet, delicate aroma and jasmine adding its voluptuous, creamy facets. Heliotrope’s light, powdery vanilla notes provide cozy warmth.

Finally, the base notes create a sense of comfort and familiarity. Subtle woods are blended with orris root, musk, and tuberose. The composition comes full circle with cyclamen echoing the citrus from the opening.

A Versatile Scent from Day to Night

During the day, Casual maintains its bright and carefree aura. The sparkling citrus top notes create an invigorating scent that picks you up on tired mornings and keeps you going throughout busy days.

As evening approaches, the warmer notes begin to emerge. Sultry jasmine and tuberose turn this into a romantic perfume for date nights. The vanilla hints add a tantalizing touch of sweetness.

Casual is ideal for warmer weather, imparting a refreshing aura with its crisp fruits and light florals. Let this fragrance transport you to happy summer days and balmy summer nights. It brings to mind carefree strolls in grassy meadows or moonlit walks on the beach.

An Effortlessly Elegant Women’s Perfume

Paul Sebastian has masterfully composed a fragrance that embodies casual elegance. There is nothing overpowering or overly complex about this scent. It maintains a simple grace from start to finish.

The floral heart is where Casual truly shines. Lily of the valley, jasmine, and tuberose exude delicate femininity. As these florals mingle with the fruity top notes, the composition remains well-balanced and refined.

A hint of musk in the base provides a sensual undertone. Meanwhile, the woods and orris root lend a contemporary finish. The overall effect is easy, breezy elegance.

All Day Freshness in an Affordable Fragrance

Casual may have a laidback persona, but this perfume imparts long-lasting freshness. The eau de parfum concentration means the notes disperse evenly for hours of enjoyment.

Lightly spritz on pulse points like the wrists, neck, and décolletage. The warmth of your skin releases the scent beautifully. As subtle citrus and floral notes drift by, they leave behind an irresistible sillage.

With Paul Sebastian Casual, you don’t have to worry about overspraying. Apply liberally for all-day freshness without being overpowering. The clean, inviting scent simply makes you feel good.

As an added bonus, Paul Sebastian offers designer quality at affordable drugstore prices. When you want effortless freshness without the high price tag, trust Casual Perfume to fit the bill. This 4 fl. oz. bottle provides plenty of eau de parfum spray for everyday enjoyment.

Find Your Happy Place with Paul Sebastian Casual

Casual perfume allows you to take a mental vacation no matter where you are. It evokes carefree days in grassy meadows and balmy nights under the stars.

When life gets too stressful or hectic, this scent helps transport you to your happy place. Its fresh florals and bright citrus notes create a lighthearted aura that instantly lifts the spirit.

Let Paul Sebastian Casual become your signature scent for relaxed elegance. It provides a budget-friendly way to surround yourself in sunshine and flowers. A few sprays of this perfume help you find contentment in the simple pleasures each day brings.


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