Parker SRX Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor – Achieve an Ultra-Close, Customized Shave with This Professional-Grade Barber Razor



Experience theclosest, smoothest shave with the Parker SRX professional barber straight razor. This heavy-duty stainless steel razor provides total control for customizing your shave along with a rounded exposure end to prevent nicks and cuts.

Durable, Weighted Handle for Maximum Control

The non-slip engraved handle on the Parker SRX razor provides a sturdy, weighted grip to give you total control over your shaving experience. The 3.5-inch handle length allows for precision maneuvering and customizing your shave.

Rounded Exposure Minimizes Nicks and Cuts

The blade exposure on this stainless steel straight barber razor features a rounded edge to protect your skin while shaving. The smooth, curved ends help the blade glide over the contours of your face to prevent painful nicks and cuts.

Secure Clip-Lock Blade Holder

Loading the blades is smooth and secure thanks to the clip/lock mechanism on the Parker SRX. Just insert the blade evenly into the holder and lock it tightly into place with the sturdy clasp. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the blade stays safely in place.

Shave with Single Edge or Half Double Edge Blades

This versatile professional razor accommodates standard single edge blades designed specifically for shaving. It also works with half a double edge blade, allowing you to get two shaves out of one double edge blade.

How to Use the Parker SRX Barber Straight Razor

Achieve the closest shave with these tips:

  1. Wash face with warm water and prep with shaving cream or oil to soften hairs.
  2. Gently pull skin taut with free hand.
  3. Hold razor at a 30 degree angle and use short, light strokes to shave in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Rinse blade often to prevent buildup.
  5. Go over areas a second time against the grain for an extra close result.
  6. Rinse face and apply aftershave or moisturizer.

Maintaining Your Parker SRX Straight Razor

Proper care will keep your straight razor shaving like new:

  • Rinse blade well after each use.
  • Carefully dry razor with a towel – do not wipe blade.
  • Replace blade regularly for optimum results.
  • Store razor in a protective case.
  • Professionally hone and sharpen blade as needed.

Who Can Benefit from a Straight Edge Razor?

The Parker SRX is ideal for men who:

  • Want an ultra-close barbershop style shave
  • Have coarse, thick facial hair
  • Prefer a weighted razor handle
  • Desire total control over angle and stroke
  • Appreciate a high-quality, durable razor

Experience the Closest Shave Possible

This professional stainless steel Parker SRX straight edge razor allows you to customize and perfect your entire shaving experience. The rounded exposure provides safety while the weighted handle offers precision control.

Achieve the cleanest, smoothest shave imaginable and enjoy a barbershop quality result with the Parker SRX straight razor.


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