PARISBELLA Satin Lined Sleep Cap – The Ultimate Nighttime Hair Protector for Curly, Braided & All Hair Types



Protect your luscious locks overnight and wake up with gorgeous, frizz-free hair using the PARISBELLA satin lined sleep cap. This adjustable hair bonnet provides a nourishing environment for your hair while you sleep to retain moisture, define curls, prevent breakage and save you styling time in the morning.

Stay-Put Design with Adjustable Strap Stays Securely on Your Head All Night

The hidden adjustable strap and elastic band ensure this satin sleep cap fits snugly and stays put while you sleep. No more waking up to find your hair bonnet slipped off and your hair exposed. The custom fit accommodates all head sizes for day-long or nighttime wear.

Satin Interior Creates a Smooth, Friction-Free Environment for Hair

The super-smooth satin lining minimizes friction and prevents tangles, knots and breakage while you sleep. Satin allows hair to smoothly glide across the fabric as you move rather than getting caught in the fabric. Your hair will retain essential moisture and oils for hydrated, nourished strands from root to tip.

Ideal for All Hair Types – Especially Curly, Coily and Fine Hair

This satin lined cap provides the perfect protective cover for any hair type or style. The slippery surface is ideal for vulnerable curly and coily hair prone to drying out. Fine, fragile hair remains protected and minimize breakage. Straight, wavy, thick, thin – all hair will benefit from the hydrating effects of satin at night.

Cute Cap Design for Stylish Day or Nighttime Wear

This satin hair bonnet offers a fashionable slouchy cap design that looks cute for sleeping or wearing casually around the house. The neutral black color pairs perfectly with pajamas, activewear or lounge styles. Versatile enough for women and men.

How to Use the PARISBELLA Satin Sleep Cap

Caring for your hair overnight is easy with the PARISBELLA satin bonnet:

  1. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, serum or oil to nourish hair.
  2. Put your hair in your preferred protective style – braid, bun, ponytail etc.
  3. Put on the satin cap, pulling open end over your head. Ensure all hair is tucked inside.
  4. Adjust the inner strap to your ideal fit so the cap stays put all night.
  5. Sleep on a satin pillowcase for added friction protection.
  6. Wake up and style hair as desired after a night of moisture retention.

The Benefits of Satin Lined Hair Protection

Silk and satin fabrics have long been used for hair protection in the Black community. The benefits include:

  • Seals in natural moisture and oils
  • Prevents split ends and breakage
  • Defines curls and coils
  • Detangles with ease
  • Reduces frizz
  • Adds shine and softness

The slippery surface reduces rubbing and friction damage overnight. Hair smoothly glides instead of getting caught on the fabric. You’ll wake up with nourished tresses ready to style!

Great for Protecting Braided, Permed, Colored or Relaxed Hair

This satin lined cap is ideal for protecting delicate or treated hair overnight. The soft fabric won’t catch on hair extensions or hurt your scalp. Chemically relaxed or colored hair remains moisturized and frizz-free. Curly perms or textured sets keep their shape and bounce.

Lightweight and Breathable for All-Night Wear

This modal fabric hair bonnet feels barely-there on your head. The breathable satin and outer shell keep your head cool and comfortable for sleeping. No need to sacrifice beauty rest for hair protection.

Treat your luscious locks to overnight TLC with the PARISBELLA satin lined sleep cap. Wake up ready to take on the day with gorgeously nourished, styled hair.


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