Paris Hilton Rose Rush Eau de Parfum Spray – Captivating Floral Fruity Scent for Women



Fall head over heels for the captivating new fragrance from Paris Hilton. Rose Rush Eau de Parfum evokes the flair and flirtation of new romance with its vibrant floral fruity scent. The top notes burst open with a fizzy blend of litchi, neroli and rose petals, immediately conjuring up images of blossoming flowers and budding love.

At the heart lie three blooms that perfectly capture the spirit of romance – papaya, peony and May rose. The lush, ripe papaya adds a touch of the exotic, its sweet nectar calling to mind far-off tropical getaways with your beloved. Peony, often called the queen of flowers, unfurls its petals to release its precious perfume for this singular experience of new love. And what could be more romantic than the May rose, in full glorious bloom just in time for cherished springtime strolls in the park?

Nestled inside this floral bouquet waits a secret – a sensual base of amber, cedar and white musk. As the bright fruits and flowers subside, they reveal a warm, luxurious background hum of pure sensuality. Bask in the lingering embrace of amber’s honey-sweet glow, accented by touches of woodsy cedar and diaphanous white musk.

With Rose Rush Eau de Parfum, Paris Hilton has truly captured the essence of romance’s first blush. Spritz on this vivacious scent to instantly elevate your mood and awaken the flirtatious spirit within. The charming pale pink juice perfectly reflects the joy and giddiness of new love. Radiant top notes soon blossom into an expansive, opulent floral heart, finishing with the warm sensuality of amber, cedar and musk.

Paris Hilton brings her innate understanding of glamour and allure to every one of her fragrances. As a global style icon, she has a proven talent for knowing what women want to evoke when they wear fragrance. Launched in 2004, her very first scent revolutionized the celebrity fragrance world. Since then, she has gone on to create a multi-billion dollar perfume empire, with 29 fragrances and counting. From fun flirty scents to timeless elegant classics, each Paris Hilton fragrance allows women to immerse themselves in a fantasy.

While her business accomplishments are impressive, Paris remains intimately involved in the creative process for every fragrance. She personally selects each note and accord to ensure her scents capture a distinctive mood and moment. This hands-on approach allows her to translate her innate glamour into successful scents women love to wear. Her newest creation, Rose Rush Eau de Parfum, was inspired by her lifelong love for romance. The rosy pink juice and floral fruity aroma create an immediate sense of falling in love.

The stunning pale pink bottle provides the perfect home for this romantic elixir. Paris added feminine touches like a satin pink box and a conveniently sized 3.4 fl oz bottle. Now you can spritz on this effervescent floral fruity scent anywhere, at any time. With notes of papaya, peony, May rose, amber, cedar and white musk, Rose Rush Eau de Parfum by Paris Hilton is a fragrance that evokes the breathless delight of new love. It’s an instant mood booster with a playful, flirtatious personality.

Top Notes:
Litchi, Neroli, Rose Petals

Heart Notes:
Papaya, Peony, May Rose

Base notes:
Amber, Cedar, White Musk

Floral Fruity

3.4 fl oz

Fall head over heels for the vibrant new women’s fragrance from Paris Hilton. Rose Rush Eau de Parfum opens with effervescent fruit and floral top notes of litchi, neroli and rose. The lush heart blooms with papaya, peony and May rose. Finally, the sensual base closes with amber, cedar and white musk. Inspired by the feeling of new love, this romantic scent is as dizzyingly delightful as first kisses and first dates. The pale pink juice perfectly captures the essence of blossoming romance. Spritz it on to instantly elevate your mood and awaken your flirtatious spirit. With its charming floral fruity scent and chic packaging, Rose Rush Eau de Parfum by Paris Hilton is the new fragrance of choice for hopelessly romantic women.


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