Paris Hilton Rose Rush Body Spray for Women – Captivating Floral & Fruity Scent with Notes of Rose Petals, Papaya and Amber – Feminine, Flirty and Long-Lasting Fragrance



Indulge your senses with the irresistible allure of Paris Hilton’s Rose Rush Body Spray. Expertly crafted by the iconic entrepreneur herself, this femine fragrance envelops you in a captivating blend of floral and fruity notes for a flirty, romantic scent story.

Inspired by a modern tale of passion and excitement, Rose Rush ignites the imagination with vivid layers of rose petals, papaya, and warm amber. The journey begins with a floral rush of rose at the fragrance’s core, complemented by juicy hints of tropical papaya and sophisticated base notes of creamy amber. Together these accords create an addictively beautiful scent that is utterly feminine and romantic.

Paris Hilton brings her signature style to Rose Rush, designing a fragrance experience that is intricately intimate. The rose notes are specially enhanced to be bolder and more radiant, surrounding you in its delicate yet powerful aura. Luscious papaya provides a kiss of fruitiness to balance the floral heart, while subtle amber creates a sensual foundation.

From the first spritz, you’ll be captivated by Rose Rush’s ability to delicately imprint on the skin. The fragrance becomes one with your unique chemistry, unfolding gracefully throughout the day. The rose glides seamlessly into the fruity and musky base notes, providing hours of feminine elegance. Subtly enticing with no sharp edges, Rose Rush leaves a gentle yet enduring trail of beauty.

As a global icon and entrepreneur, Paris Hilton revolutionized the celebrity fragrance world in 2004 with her first scent. Since then, she has thoughtfully crafted an empire of 29 fragrances and counting. Paris remains passionately involved in every detail of developing her sophisticated yet playful perfumes. Rose Rush continues her legacy of creating fragrances that capture the essence of glamour.

Key Notes:

  • Top Notes: Rose Petals
  • Middle Notes: Papaya
  • Base Notes: Amber

How to Use:

For best results, apply Rose Rush Body Spray generously over clean, dry skin. The fine mist easily envelops your body in the radiant aura of rose. Refresh as needed to revive the gorgeous scent story throughout your day or evening. For a robust yet intimate impression, spray in your preferred fragrance points such as wrists, pulse points, and décolletage. Let the flirty femininity of Rose Rush leave a trail of beauty wherever life takes you.

Paris Hilton’s Tips for Maximizing Your Fragrance:

  • “Apply body spray immediately after showering – moisturized skin helps the fragrance last longer.”
  • “Never rub your wrists together after application – this can crush the scent molecules.”
  • “Spritz your hairbrush and lightly brush through your hair to leave a sillage of scent.”
  • “Bring your fragrance to life by layering body spray with its matching perfume.”

Complete Your Fragrance Wardrobe:

For the ultimate in luxury fragrance, complete your Paris Hilton perfume collection. Layer Rose Rush Body Spray with the Rose Rush Eau de Parfum for an intoxicating scent story. The body spray offers lighter floral radiance perfect for day, while the perfume provides rich, bold rose glamour ideal for an elegant evening out. Let both transport you with each captivating pink-tinted spritz.

With 29 fragrances, Paris Hilton has an extraordinary perfume for every mood and moment. Discover playful, feminine scents like the fruity Paris Hilton for Women, or explore the richer sensuality of Passport Paris Hilton. Her diverse fragrance portfolio opens the door to a world of beauty you can mix, match and collect.

Paris Hilton’s Fragrance Empire:

Since launching her namesake perfume in 2004, Paris Hilton has dramatically expanded her fragrance empire while staying intimately involved in the creative process. She personally tries hundreds of scent formulations, selecting only her favorites to bear her name. Paris channels her inner perfumer to ensure each fragrance authentically reflects her style, passion, and imagination.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and global icon, Paris Hilton has an intuitive understanding of the luxuries women desire. She translates her vision into sophisticated fragrances that range from exotic and sultry, to romantic and sweet. Paris’ perfumes empower women to feel beautiful in their own skin with scents that complement their individuality. With each launch, she builds an ever-growing fragrance wardrobe for fans worldwide.

Allow the playful femininity and flirty romance of Paris Hilton’s Rose Rush Body Spray to inspire your days and nights. The beautiful rose notes, luscious fruits, and warm amber perfectly capture her effervescent spirit. With each spritz, you’ll feel delicately enveloped in a world of intimacy and passion.


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