Paris Hilton Man Eau De Toilette Spray – Sophisticated Masculine Scent for Modern Men



Escape to the open road and embrace your adventurous spirit with Paris Hilton Man Eau De Toilette. This masculine fragrance blends fresh air accords with warm, woody base notes to create a sophisticated scent for the modern man.

The top notes burst open with a refreshing mix of grapefruit, lemon, and pink pepper. The citrus invigorates your senses and conjures up images of weekend road trips with the top down. A hint of mango adds a touch of exotic sweetness to the opening.

The heart of the fragrance unveils aromatic sage and fig leaf. The sage provides a cool herbal accent, while the fig leaf contributes a pleasant green nuance. Together they produce a clean, outdoorsy scent reminiscent of a mountain hike through fragrant evergreens.

Finally, the base notes ground the fragrance in warmth and masculinity. Sandalwood, cedar, musk and amber combine to create a sensual trail that lingers on your skin. The ambery undertones lend a refined elegance to this rugged woodsy base.

Overall, Paris Hilton Man is a well-balanced eau de toilette that transitions effortlessly from day to night. It’s perfect for the man who embraces both his masculinity and his refined side. The blend of citrus, aromatic greens and warm woody notes makes it equally suitable for work or play.

Spray it on before heading out for a weekend getaway filled with camping, hiking and enjoying the fresh air. The invigorating herbal and citrus top notes capture the thrill of adventure and exploration.

Take it along on a tropic vacation. The exotic mango note will transport your senses to a beautiful island paradise. The rest of the scent conjures up images of an evening bonfire on the beach.

It’s also an ideal signature scent for the 9-to-5. The clean herbal middle notes and refined woody base work together to create an elegant, put-together perfume that’s office-appropriate but still unique.

With versatilty for any occasion and excellent lasting power, Paris Hilton Man is designed to empower men to feel confident and self-assured. This eau de toilette outlines the rules of modern masculinity – equally rugged yet refined.

Top Notes:

Pink Pepper
Middle Notes:

Fig Leaf
Base Notes:

This eau de toilette is part of the Paris Hilton fragrance collection. As an American businesswoman, model and heiress, Paris Hilton has an aspirational lifestyle that many admire. Her fragrances allow you to experience a touch of her glamorous world.

Like Ms. Hilton herself, Paris Hilton Man exudes confidence, sophistication and masculinity. Let this compelling fragrance inspire you to embrace adventure and live your life to the fullest. It’s more than a cologne – it’s a lifestyle in a bottle.

The Perfect Gift

Paris Hilton Man makes an excellent gift for the men in your life. Consider it for:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Father’s Day
  • Graduations
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas

It’s sure to be a hit with any special man in your life. The blend of fresh and warm scents has universal appeal. Plus the Paris Hilton name adds a touch of luxury.

How to Apply

To get the most from this fragrance, apply Paris Hilton Man to your pulse points. Good locations include:

  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Behind the ears
  • Inner elbows
  • Shoulders

These areas radiate heat to help diffuse the scent. They also allow you to subtly fragrance yourself without overdoing it.

Start with 1-2 sprays for a light presence of the perfume. You can reapply as needed. But be careful not to go overboard as the woody base notes are designed to last.

Apply in the morning to carry the energizing citrus notes with you throughout the day. Reactivate with a spray after work to refresh for the evening.

Complete Your Routine

For best results, make Paris Hilton Man part of your entire grooming ritual.

  • Wash with a men’s body wash or soap before applying. This gives the fragrance a clean base for optimal projection and longevity.
  • Moisturize with a scented lotion that complements the scent profile. Try something with woods or amber notes.
  • Style your hair with a water-based pomade or cream. This prevents the scent from fading.
  • Carry a miniature size in your gym bag to revive your scent after a workout. Reapply after toweling off.

Follow these tips and Paris Hilton Man will stay with you no matter where the day takes you.

The Paris Hilton Man

Confidence comes from within, but a great fragrance helps project it. If you’re ready to embrace your inner adventurer, Paris Hilton Man is the scent for you.

  • It’s masculine without being overpowering.
  • It’s refined yet rugged.
  • It’s perfect for work or play.

Let the citrus opening clear your mind and get you ready to take on anything. The woody base gives you warmth and resilience no matter what the day brings.

As Paris Hilton advises, “Life is too short to blend in.” Stand out from the crowd with this unforgettable eau de toilette.


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