Paris Hilton Gold Rush Women’s 8 oz Body Mist – Captivate with Lush Florals and Warm Vanilla



Introducing the new Paris Hilton Gold Rush Body Mist, an irresistible and intoxicating fragrance that evokes glamour, romance and luxury. This feminine scent opens with bright citrus top notes of lemon zest, bergamot and nectarine juice before transitioning into a bouquet of velvet orchid, rose and violet. The fragrance finishes with a warm base of vanilla bean, golden praline and cashmere woods for a sensual lingering trail.

Inspired by classic Hollywood allure, Gold Rush captivates the senses and makes a bold statement. The luminous golden bottle features an elegant Paris Hilton crest and black atomizer, perfect for display on your vanity. Like Ms. Hilton herself, this fragrance radiates confidence, sophistication and old Hollywood mystique. Spritz on this body mist before a glamorous night out on the town or whenever you want to feel like a star.

Top Notes

The top notes provide Gold Rush with an effervescent opening of juicy citrus. Tart lemon zest and bergamot add a bright pop of sunshine, while nectarine juice imparts a lush fruitiness. This invigorating medley is lively and joyful.

Heart Notes

At the heart lies a romantic bouquet of velvet orchid, damask rose and violet. The velvet orchid provides an exotic, creamy richness. Feminine rose petals impart delicate softness and timeless elegance. Violet adds a dash of mystery and intrigue. Together these florals form an irresistible mélange that is multi-faceted and seductive.

Base Notes

Finally, the fragrance settles into a warm base of sweet vanilla bean, praline and cashmere woods. Vanilla bean provides a familiar creaminess with underlying sensuality. Praline adds a touch of indulgence with its notes of sugared almonds. Smooth cashmere woods lend sophistication and depth. The base perfectly balances temptation and refinement.

When to Wear

Gold Rush is a versatile scent that transitions gracefully from day to night. During the day, it adds a touch of glamour to your routine. The citrus top notes provide an instant boost of energy and positivity. Come evening, the florals and vanilla base notes become more pronounced, making it the perfect date night perfume. Gold Rush evokes timeless beauty and allure – wear it when you want to mesmerize and captivate.

How to Apply

Apply Paris Hilton Gold Rush Body Mist liberally after showering and drying off. Spritz 6-8 pumps over pulse points like the wrists, sides of neck, behind the ears and knees. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the notes throughout the day. Touch up as needed to revive the scent. For added intensity, layer with the Gold Rush perfume. Treat this body mist like your signature scent and make it a staple in your beauty routine.

Paris Hilton’s Legacy of Fragrance

As one of Hollywood’s most recognizable style icons, Paris Hilton knows a thing or two about captivating glamour. She has built a global empire that spans fragrances, fashion, accessories and more. Since launching her first fragrance in 2004, Paris has been delighting fans with her portfolio of scents inspired by her jet-setting lifestyle. Gold Rush joins the ranks of bestselling fragrances like Heiress, Fairy Dust and Rose Rush.

While Paris is often associated with pink and girly motifs, Gold Rush represents a more sophisticated side. The rich gold palette and warm notes of vanilla and praline evoke grown-up sensuality and intrigue. This scent shows Paris’ evolution as a style icon who can go from feminine and playful to seductive temptress. Like Paris herself, Gold Rush is multi-faceted and full of surprises.

A Scent that Stops Hearts

Gold Rush was made for the woman who wants to command every room she enters. The luminous florals and vanilla base provide an aura of golden hour glamour that is utterly addictive. Slip into a sleek cocktail dress, spritz on this body mist, and own the night. With notes of lush orchid, rose and intoxicating vanilla, Gold Rush makes an entrance that is impossible to ignore.

This scent was inspired by the heart-pulsing exhilaration of an encounter that changes one’s destiny. Wearing Gold Rush is like catching the eye of someone across the room and knowing instantly that they will impact your life. Let this fragrance captivate your senses and transform your confidence. Let Gold Rush set your heart racing every time you wear it.

Paris Hilton Quality

Like all Paris Hilton fragrances, Gold Rush is meticulously crafted according to the highest standards. There are no inexpensive synthetic filler ingredients hampering the composition. What you get is a powerful scent made from quality extracts and essential oils. This body mist is paraben free and cruelty free. Paris Hilton never sacrifices excellence for her devoted fans.

The golden dreamlike liquid inside this elegant bottle holds the key to intrigue and allure. With each spray, you feel renewed, confident and ready to spark magic. Keep a bottle on your vanity so Gold Rush can become your daily talisman. Let Paris transport you to a world of luxury with this irresistible new fragrance.


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