Paris Hilton Eau De Parfum Spray – A Fragrance that Captivates with Notes of Juicy Peach, Jasmine and Warm Musk



Introduce your senses to the irresistible and intimate allure of Paris Hilton’s signature fragrance. This iconic perfume for women encapsulates Paris’s feminine charm and flair for fashion with a fruity, floral scent that leaves a lasting impression.

As the very first fragrance created by Paris Hilton, this perfume has become a beloved classic for its flirtatious and vibrant aroma. One spritz immediately evokes feelings of radiance and confidence with bright top notes of apple, peach and muguet. The juicy peach nectar adds a succulent sweetness while the frozen apple provides an uplifting burst of freshness. Sparks of muguet round out the opening with its delicate floral tones.

The heart notes bloom into an arrangement of captivating florals including mimosa blossoms, freesia, jasmine and tuberose. The mimosa offers a honeyed nuance while the freesia contributes a soft, powdery element. Jasmine infuses the scent with its rich, heady aroma as tuberose provides a narcotic, creamy blossom. Together these flowers intertwine to embrace you in their beautiful bouquet.

Finally, the base notes unfold to sensual depths with oakmoss, ylang-ylang and musk. The oakmoss lends an earthy undertone as ylang-ylang’s exotic, spicy sweetness delights the senses. Warm musk combines with the ylang-ylang to add soft texture, leaving behind a trail of irresistible allure.

An Iconic Scent for Every Occasion

This perfume by Paris Hilton is perfect for day or night wear. The fruity top notes create an invigorating scent that’s ideal for daytime use, allowing you to feel refreshed and radiant at work, school or running errands. A few sprays in the morning provide a boost of confidence to take on any challenge.

As the day transitions into night, the heart and base notes come through, making this fragrance beautifully suited for evenings out. The rich florals and musk add intrigue and sensuality for dinner dates, parties or special events. The warm, creamy dry down leaves behind a memorable trail of elegance and allure.

Keep a bottle in your purse to refresh your scent at any time. The vibrant fruity notes offer a perfect pick-me-up when you need a quick spray midday. Before a date or night out, apply generously along pulse points like the wrists, neck and décolletage to let the sensual base notes really shine. This perfume makes a fantastic gift for any woman in your life too.

An Enduring Favorite from Paris Hilton

As Paris Hilton’s first fragrance, this scent has stood the test of time as a celebrity perfume with lasting popularity. While many celebrity fragrances quickly fade in popularity, the Paris Hilton perfume remains an enduring favorite among her fans and perfume lovers.

Paris worked closely with perfumers to create the perfect fragrance that embodied her style and personality. The fruits, florals and musk come together to reflect her feminine, romantic and flirtatious character. This perfume has retained its relevance through the years as Paris’s fame and status as a fashion icon have grown.

The stylish bottle also reflects Paris’s glamorous aesthetic. The jewel-cut cap adds a touch of sophistication while the pink juice nods to Paris’s ultra-feminine tastes. She personally selected each detail to reflect the essence of her brand. Like her look, the bottle achieves the perfect balance between elegant and playful.

While Paris Hilton has launched many perfumes since her original, this fragrance remains a top seller and fan favorite. There is something irresistible about the vibrant blend of juicy fruits and creamy florals that women love spritzing on day after day. Its intimate allure and radiant femininity appeal to perfume lovers of all ages.

How to Apply this Iconic Women’s Fragrance

Paris Hilton Eau de Parfum is easy to apply for a scent that lasts. Follow these tips to get the most from your bottle:

  • Apply to clean, dry skin to help the fragrance really adhere and develop.
  • Spritz generously onto pulse points like the inner wrists, behind the ears and neck. The warmth of your skin will help diffuse the perfume.
  • Do not rub wrists together as this can crush the notes – instead allow the scent to settle naturally.
  • Reapply as needed to refresh the fragrance after a few hours.
  • Avoid spraying directly on clothing as the perfume may stain delicate fabrics.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve the integrity of the juice.

With proper application, you can enjoy the alluring scent of Paris Hilton from morning to night. Let this iconic perfume become your signature scent for its timeless femininity and style.


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