Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque Eau De Toilette Spray for Women – Seductive Floral Scent



Unleash your inner showgirl with the playfully provocative Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque Eau De Toilette. Inspired by the electric energy of the Moulin Rouge cabaret, this floral fruity fragrance captures the excitement and seduction of the Can Can dance. The moment you spritz it on, you’ll be transported to a sultry burlesque stage, ready to mesmerize your audience.

Top Notes of Juicy Nectarine and Zesty Bergamot

The opening notes burst with mouthwatering nectarine and sparkling bergamot. The succulent juiciness of nectarine drizzles honeyed sweetness over the bright citrus zing of bergamot. It’s a fruity introduction that whets your senses for the floral heart to come.

Middle Notes of Turkish Rose and Jasmine Sambac

As the top notes fade, the iconic Turkish rose moves to center stage, swirling its rich, velvety petals around you. Joining the rose is night-blooming jasmine sambac, known as the “queen of the night” for its intoxicating after-dark aroma. Together, these voluptuous florals create a spellbinding heart that envelops you in mystique.

Base Notes of Sensual Amber and Creamy Sandalwood

Nestled close to the skin, amber lends a warm, hypnotic purr with its slightly powdery vanilla nuances. The smooth creaminess of sandalwood adds subtle depth and roundedness. This cozy base gives the scent lingering allure that keeps them wanting more.

The Alluring Scent of the Can Can Dance

With its fruity effervescence, floral opulence, and sultry warmth, Can Can Burlesque is the olfactory expression of the Can Can’s allure. The bold, rule-breaking dance shocked and thrilled 19th century audiences with its high kicks and provocative moves. Likewise, this fragrance intrigues with its exciting contrasts – innocent yet risqué, exuberant yet mysterious.

The Iconic Flacon Inspired by the Moulin Rouge

The bottle design pays homage to the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret with its French can-can dancer silhouette. The juicy nectarine hue of the juice is visible through the clear glass, hinting at the fruity vibrancy within. And on the neck of the bottle, a removable necklace charm brings added Parisian flair.

How to Wear This Bold Burlesque Fragrance

Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque is a scene-stealing scent for day or night. For daytime, a light spritz brings a fun pop of fruitiness to your outfit. At night, apply more generously to leave a sillage of flowers and seduction behind you. The vivacious fruity floral fragrance allows you to take the stage, even if you’re just out running errands. Let your inner showgirl shine.

Be the Star of Your Own Cabaret with Can Can Burlesque

It takes confidence and a spark of wildness to get up and can-can on stage. Can Can Burlesque encapsulates that daring spirit in a gorgeous fruity floral aroma. Spray it on to connect with your inner Moulin Rouge performer. You’ll feel poised, sexy, and ready to beguile your audience, even if it’s just an audience of one. So kick up your heels and make the world your stage with Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque Eau De Toilette!


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