Paris Corner Ministry of Oud Oud Satin EDP Unisex Perfume – Alluring Oud and Rose Fragrance for Women and Men



Transport your senses to an exotic oriental oasis with Paris Corner’s Ministry of Oud Oud Satin EDP Unisex Perfume. This rich, resinous fragrance masterfully blends rare oud wood with velvety rose and sensual vanilla for an intoxicating scent that captivates.

An Enchanting Composition

At the heart of Oud Satin lies agarwood, also known as oud or aloeswood. Oud is a rare and precious oil distilled from the resinous, fragrant heartwood of aquilaria trees. Prized in perfumery for its complex, multifaceted scent profile, oud lends this fragrance an earthy, woody character.

Oud’s mesmerizing aroma intertwines with voluptuous Turkish rose and gentle Bulgarian rose. The vanillic sweetness of benzoin resin augments the roses’ romantic charm. Hints of violet add a dash of powdery elegance. And creamy vanilla leaves a sensual sillage in its wake.

Unisex Allure

Unfurling in layers, Oud Satin seduces all who encounter its sultry, mysterious fragrance. This provocative EDP captivates with its androgynous appeal, perfect for women and men alike.

The fragrance opens with an intense oud accord, immediately establishing its woody oriental essence. As it evolves, the oud softens and entwines with the vanillic benzoin and roses at the heart. Finally, it dries down to a hazy, sensual aura of vanilla, violet, and lingering oud.

When to Wear

Oud Satin’s bold, exotic aroma makes it ideal for evenings out, special events, and romantic encounters. The mesmerizing fragrance intrigues and delights, whether you’re dressed up for a formal gala or headed out with friends. For dazzling date night allure, apply Oud Satin to pulse points and let its sillage work its magic.

All Day Allure

Thanks to its excellent longevity, Oud Satin persists on skin for hours. The fragrance remains detectable for 8 to 12 hours after application, letting you enjoy its exoticism long after spritzing it on.

Oud Satin also projects moderately to strongly from the skin. Its sillage means the fragrance effortlessly leaves an alluring impression, without overpowering. The woody oriental scent surrounds you in its own sensual haze.

Be Transported

Paris Corner’s Ministry of Oud Oud Satin EDP Unisex Perfume opens a portal to faraway exotic landscapes in the Middle East and Asia. Let its rare oud wood transport you while rose, vanilla, violet and benzoin seduce your senses. This provocative fragrance captivates and intrigues all who encounter its woody, oriental allure.


Top notes: oud

Heart notes: Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, benzoin, violet

Base notes: vanilla

Pair with

Ylang ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk


Night out
Special events
Date night
Intimate encounters

Fragrance Family

This sensual yet mysterious EDP leaves a lasting impression both day and night. Let Oud Satin transport you to an exotic oud reverie.


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