Paris Corner Charuto Tobacco Vanille Unisex Eau De Parfum – Captivating Tobacco & Vanilla Scent for Men & Women



Embrace the alluring aromas of warm, sweet tobacco and vanilla with Paris Corner’s Charuto Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum. This captivating fragrance evokes the richness of hand-rolled cigars and smooth vanilla bean, blended beautifully to create an enchanting, long-lasting scent for both men and women.

An Authentic, Intoxicating Tobacco & Vanilla Scent

The moment you spray Charuto Tobacco Vanille, you’ll be enveloped in its decadent tobacco and vanilla notes. This eau de parfum features an authentic, robust tobacco aroma that feels like a refined cigarette rather than a heavy cigar. The tobacco note creates an intense yet smooth, blond tobacco impression that intertwines sublimely with sweet vanilla and tonka bean.

As Charuto Tobacco Vanille evolves on your skin, the tobacco remains present while the vanilla becomes more pronounced, adding a gorgeously gourmand nuance. This creates an absolutely addictive tobacco and vanilla scent profile that is unisex, sophisticated, and sensual.

Expertly Formulated Fragrance Notes

Paris Corner’s master perfumers meticulously crafted Charuto Tobacco Vanille using a blend of rich fragrance notes:

  • Top notes of amber, citrus, and aromatic spices – Uplifting accents of amber resin, fresh citrus, and aromatic spices like cardamom introduce the fragrance.
  • Heart notes of tobacco, tonka bean, and coumarin – The star players – tobacco absolute, smooth tonka bean, and coumarin – create a full-bodied, narcotic tobacco impression.
  • Base notes of vanilla, woods, and musk – Sweet vanilla bean, earthy woods, and musk deepen the tobacco scent while adding velvety nuances.

These notes intermingle beautifully on the skin, crafting a tobacco fragrance that is bold yet remarkably refined. The inclusion of vanilla and coumarin helps smooth out the tobacco, making it aromatically soft and pleasurable.

Long-Lasting, Powerful Sillage

Charuto Tobacco Vanille is highly concentrated at 20% perfume oil, allowing its sillage to be noticed and its scent to endure. The tobacco and vanilla notes really shine after the dry down, persisting on skin for hours. Thismakes it perfect for all-day wear. The fragrance projects modestly at first before expanding, so you need not worry about it being too overpowering. However, it does have a powerful scent bubble that will have those around you enthralled!

How to Wear this Seductive Unisex Scent

Charuto Tobacco Vanille’s richness makes it ideal for cooler weather, evenings, and intimate occasions. Both men and women can wear this eau de parfum for dates, formal events, and special nights out when you want an extra touch of magnetism. The tobacco gives it a masculine edge, while the vanilla softens it for women.

For stylish, confident men, layer Charuto Tobacco Vanille with a tailored suit or leather jacket to evoke sophistication. For alluring women, pair it with your little black dress or faux fur coat for an aura of glamour. With its sensual nature, it makes a perfect signature scent for romantic rendezvous. Let the tobacco and vanilla ignite passion and enhance your natural chemistry.

Paris Corner’s Dedication to High-Quality Fragrances

Paris Corner takes great pride in creating beautiful, high-quality fragrances that evoke passion, elegance, and joie de vivre. Our house specialty is gourmand fragrances as well as tobaccos, ambers, and vanillas. We meticulously construct each fragrance with care using only the finest ingredients.

The result is exquisite, authentic fragrances like Charuto Tobacco Vanille that envelop you in luxury. We are committed to excellence and originality, offering niche-quality scents at accessible prices. When you spray on a Paris Corner fragrance, you can be confident you’re treating yourself to a magnificent parfum.

Discover the Allure of Charuto Tobacco Vanille!

Immerse yourself in the smoldering richness of fine tobacco and gourmand vanilla. This Eau De Parfum evokes desire and intrigue, perfect for creating an aura of sensuality wherever you go. Pick up a bottle of Paris Corner’s Charuto Tobacco Vanille today and unleash your inner seductress or seducer!


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