Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick – Roll-On Styptic Pencil to Stop Razor Nicks and Cuts Instantly



Stop bleeding from razor nicks and cuts instantly with the Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick. This roll-on styptic stick quickly seals nicks for men and women to stop bleeding fast.

The mess-free liquid formula glides on easily to the affected area. Natural ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, and witch hazel quickly soothe, disinfect, and promote healing.

No more tissue paper or messy styptic pencils. The clear drying formula stops bleeding without chalky dryness or residue. Portable .25 oz size is perfect for travel or daily use.

Trust Pacific Shaving’s clean ingredients to put nicks in their place so you can get on with your day pain-free.

Seals Nicks Instantly

Cuts and nicks from razor blades, tweezers, kitchen accidents, and paper happen. Stop bleeding fast with the Pacific Shaving Nick Stick.

At the first sign of blood, simply roll the applicator ball over the wound. The liquid formula helps congeal blood to quickly form a protective clot.

Ingredients like witch hazel and alum act as natural astringents to contract tissues and blood vessels. This stops bleeding on contact.

No more fumbling with messy tissue paper or chalky styptic pencils. Just roll on this liquid bandage and nicks are under control in seconds!

Clean, Residue-Free Formula

The Pacific Shaving Nick Stick formula is designed to be transparent and non-drying when applied to the skin.

The liquid dries clear without any chalky residue left behind like other styptic products. It blends right into the skin without any tell-tale traces.

No need to re-wash your face or hands after application. Just roll on and let dry. The nick disappears along with the formula.

The convenient roller-ball applicator makes it easy to apply precisely only to the affected area. No mess, no waste.

Soothes and Disinfects

In addition to quickly stopping bleeding, this post-shave nick stick provides skin-soothing benefits.

Natural ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and plant extracts are gentle on damaged skin. They help reduce inflammation and encourage healing.

Witch hazel cleans and disinfects the wound site to prevent infection. Tea tree oil acts as an antibacterial agent as the cut heals.

Apply after shaving and let the skin heal with the help of nourishing, soothing botanicals.

TSA-Friendly Travel Size

The slim .25 oz container is airline carry-on compliant, so you can take it anywhere.

Toss it in your toiletry bag or glove compartment so you’re never without this essential for dealing with unexpected nicks.

No need to decant into tiny containers. The stick’s compact size saves space while providing up to 100 applications per stick.

Never let a nick ruin your day, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. Roll on relief anytime, anywhere.

Cruelty-Free and Responsibly Made

Pacific Shaving Company is dedicated to providing effective grooming essentials through clean, sustainable practices.

Their shaving products are vegan and cruelty-free. They never test ingredients or products on animals.

This nick stick contains plant-based, mineral-derived ingredients free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and artificial dyes.

Take care of your skin and the planet with ethically produced grooming products from Pacific Shaving Company.


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