OXO Good Grips Suction Razor Holder – Convenient Bathroom Storage for Razors



Tidy up your bathroom counters and keep your razor within easy reach with the OXO Good Grips Suction Razor Holder. This handy razor holder conveniently adheres to smooth surfaces via a powerful suction cup.

The flexible hook design accommodates most razor handles, keeping your razor secure yet easily accessible. The holder keeps counters clutter-free by stashing your razor out of the way without sacrificing convenience.

Place it within arm’s reach on the shower wall, on the bathroom mirror, or anywhere you need quick access to shaving. The smooth design blends into existing decor seamlessly.

OXO is known for innovative designs that make everyday home tasks easier. This suction razor holder exemplifies that commitment with its space-saving storage solution.

Maximize your bathroom storage and keep a clean, organized space with this modern, minimalist razor holder. Never search for a missing razor again!

Compact Convenient Storage

This razor holder provides convenient storage that keeps your razor nearby without taking up precious counter space. Adhere it to virtually any smooth, nonporous surface.

Mount it on the shower wall, on the corner of the mirror, or even inside a cabinet door. Place it wherever you need quick and easy access to grab your razor.

The slim profile takes up barely any space. But it keeps your razor tidy and at hand for daily use. No more cluttering up counters or misplacing razors.

Keep counters clear and maximize your storage options. This holder takes advantage of vertical space to neatly stow razors out of the way.

Holds Most Razor Handles Securely

The key to this holder’s convenience is the flexible rubber hook that accommodates most razor handles.

Slide standard disposable, cartridge, or safety razor handles into the grip. The rubber flexes to hug the razor handle snugly without scratching or slipping.

Foam covered handles, textured handles, small or large – this hook fits most types. Just slide in your razor handle until it feels secure.

The holder keeps your razor stable and upright, so it’s ready to go when you need it. Yet releases easily when it’s time for a quick shave.

Adheres Strongly to Smooth Surfaces

The suction cup base uses a PVC-free material that creates a powerful, lasting hold on nonporous surfaces. Once adhered, it stays put.

Stick it to tiles, glass, mirrors, finished cabinetry, plastic enclosures, and other very smooth surfaces. Press firmly on the suction cup then pull on the holder to confirm a tight seal.

The mighty suction keeps your razor firmly in place, even in a wet, steamy shower environment. You don’t have to worry about the holder detaching and falling unexpectedly.

The suction cup is designed for repeated use. Re-position or remove it as needed without weakening its grip strength.

Cleans Up Easily

The OXO razor holder features a streamlined, minimalist design that doesn’t clutter up your space. It tucks neatly out of sight.

The smooth plastic surface wipes clean easily and resists build up. Keep your bathroom looking neat by quickly wiping down the holder when you clean.

Occasionally detach the suction cup and wash it with soap and water to keep it gripping properly. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.

Smart Storage from OXO

As a leader in housewares, OXO is renowned for improving everyday items with intelligent designs.

The OXO Suction Razor Holder exemplifies that forward-thinking to provide convenient, accessible razor storage for tidy bathrooms.

Minimalist style, versatile use, strong hold, quality construction – this deceptively simple holder optimizes razor storage.

Let OXO bring smart storage solutions into your home. Always know just where your razor is with this helpful bathroom organizer!


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