OWIIZI Bath Brush – Wooden Long Handle Exfoliating Shower Brush with Natural Bristles for Wet or Dry Brushing



Refresh and rejuvenate your skin with the OWIIZI Bath Brush. This exfoliating brush has a 17 inch wooden handle and natural bristles to scrub away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.

The curved ergonomic handle allows you to easily brush hard-to-reach spots for full body exfoliation in the shower or with dry brushing. Give your skin a healthy invigorating scrub with this high quality bath brush.

The moisture-resistant wood handle provides a secure grip without slipping, even when wet. Hanging rope included for convenient storage and quick drying after use.

Regular exfoliation with the OWIIZI Bath Brush promotes circulation, removes toxins, and reveals smoother, healthier looking skin. Pamper yourself with this spa-like skin treatment right at home.

Natural Bristles for Gentle Exfoliation

The brush head contains soft, natural bristles designed to gently scrub the skin without irritation. The tips are cut to maximize exfoliation.

The natural hair has just the right amount of firmness to dislodge dirt and dead cells without feeling overly abrasive on delicate skin. It stimulates circulation while removing dull surface cells.

This activates cell turnover to reveal the fresh, smooth skin underneath. Regular exfoliation also allows moisturizers to better absorb into the skin.

The bristles are sterilized and the wood handle sealed to prevent bacteria buildup. Always allow the brush to fully dry hanging up before next use.

Ergonomic Wooden Handle for Control

The extra long 17 inch handle allows you to comfortably brush your entire body, including hard to reach spots. Easily scrub your back, feet, and other areas that are difficult to exfoliate on your own.

Made from natural wood, the handle is water-resistant and won’t warp or crack. Smooth sanded edges provide a comfortable grip, even when wet.

A non-slip rubber pad on the end improves your hold on the handle. No worries about the brush slipping out of your hand during use.

The slightly curved shape follows the natural contours of your body for an easy gliding motion over the skin. Reach every spot to fully exfoliate without straining.

Use Wet or Dry for Whole Body Exfoliation

You can use this bath brush wet in the shower or tub for convenient exfoliating while you bathe. The wet bristles provide refreshing friction to sweep away dead cells and impurities.

It can also be used dry for dry brushing. Gently brushing the dry skin improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, and skin cell turnover.

Use over legs, arms, back, chest, feet – anywhere that needs exfoliation. The long handle helps you easily brush hard-to-reach areas on your own.

Finish your dry brushing session with a warm shower to remove the loosened dirt and skin cells. Pat dry and apply moisturizer to nourish the newly revealed skin.

Benefits of Regular Exfoliation

Using the OWIIZI Bath Brush 2-5 times per week provides excellent exfoliation results. You’ll notice:

Softer, smoother skin texture and complexion
Improved moisture retention
Enhanced circulation and toxin/waste removal
Reduced ingrown hairs from shaving
Minimized appearance of cellulite
More even skin tone and color
Better absorption of skin care products
Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for healthy, youthful looking skin. Let this bath brush remove layers of buildup so your natural glow can shine through.

Pamper Yourself with a Rejuvenating Scrub

Give your whole body a fresh start with the OWIIZI Bath Brush. The natural bristles and ergonomic handle make home exfoliation a breeze.

Reveal smooth vibrant skin through regular use. Exfoliation is one of the simplest and most beneficial skin treatments around.

Get your glow on and enjoy the skin nourishing benefits of exfoliating from head to toe!


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