OWBIA Large Hand Mirror – 12.4″ x 9″ Salon Mirror for Hair Styling, Makeup, and Getting Ready



Get ready in style with the OWBIA Large Hand Mirror. This premium 12.4 inch wide mirror is ideal for hair styling, makeup application, and dressing.

The distortion-free HD glass provides a clear reflection at any angle. The large viewing size gives you a complete view so you can check your look from head to toe.

This versatile hand mirror transitions seamlessly from the dressing table to the salon. The sleek handle provides a comfortable grip for handheld use. Or hang it up hands-free when you need both hands free.

Thoughtful design features make this an elegant and practical addition to any stylist’s toolkit or vanity. The non-slip grip, durable frame, and shatter-resistant glass ensure lasting quality with daily use.

See yourself clearly and look your best every day with the OWBIA Salon Hand Mirror.

Premium Distortion-Free HD Glass

The mirror glass is crafted from high definition silver-coated glass that provides a crystal clear reflection.

There is no magnification or distortion like cheaper acrylic mirrors. Just an accurate representation so you can see yourself as you really are.

The 12.4 inch width of the mirror provides a wide field of view. Check out your look from multiple angles to make sure every hair is in place.

Flat mirrors reflect light differently than human eyes. With a large mirror like this, you can see the full picture of how your hair, makeup, and outfit look together.

Handheld or Mounted Use

The versatile design of this salon mirror transitions seamlessly from tabletop to wall-mounted use.

Grip the sleek handle to use as a hand mirror and get close up to focus on details. The smooth, balanced handle provides excellent control for precision styling and makeup application.

Or hang it hands-free on a hook to have both hands free. The rear hanging hole makes it easy to mount on the wall at home or a salon station. Position it at the perfect angle for your grooming needs.

Wherever you use it – vanity, salon, or dressing area – this mirror makes looking your best quick and easy.

Non-Slip Grip Design

Thoughtful design features make the OWBIA mirror comfortable and easy to use.

The handle is designed with an anti-slip ridge and thumb rest to prevent sliding. Get a secure grip for total control while styling your hair.

The curved shape fits comfortably in your hand. The smoothed edges prevent digging into fingers during extended use.

Ergonomic handle design reduces hand and wrist fatigue. Even during lengthy styling sessions, the balanced grip keeps your hand relaxed.

Durable Construction Built to Last

This salon mirror is crafted from quality materials designed for longevity and daily use.

The plastic frame has reinforced edges to prevent chipping and cracking over time. The thick frame also helps make the glass more shatter-resistant.

Solid metal accents add stability to critical stress points for durability. The materials withstand the demands of professional salon use.

The silver coated back prevents corrosion and maintains the clarity of the reflective surface over years of use.

Enhance Your Look with a High-Quality Mirror

A mirror is one of the most essential styling tools for any glam room or salon. The OWBIA Hand Mirror provides:

Crystal clear HD glass shows your true reflection
Wide 12.4 inch view lets you check your entire look
Comfortable handle for handheld styling control
Hanging hole for hands-free use
Durable construction for lasting performance
Why compromise your look with a cheap distorted mirror? The OWBIA Hand Mirror provides professional quality at an affordable price.

Upgrade your view today to look your absolute best every single day.


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