Orighty Microfiber Washcloths Towels Set – 50 Pack of Soft, Absorbent 12×12 Inch Cloths for Multi-Purpose Use



Stay fresh and clean wherever you go with the Orighty Microfiber Washcloths Towels Set. This value pack includes 50 ultra-soft and highly absorbent microfiber washcloths perfect for multi-purpose use.

Each 12×12 inch cloth is conveniently sized to stash in your pocket, bag, or car. Carry these lightweight towels for on-the-go cleaning power at home, the gym, office, or during travel adventures.

The Orighty washcloths feature a durable microfiber blend that is super soft and gentle on skin. The unique microfiber weave makes these cloths ultra-absorbent to quickly wipe away dirt, grime, sweat, and spills.

This 50 pack offers a wipe and washcloth for every use. Keep some in the kitchen, bathroom, gym bag, and more. At such an affordable price point you’ll always have a clean cloth handy.

Premium Microfiber Fabric for Softness and Absorbency

What sets the Orighty washcloths apart is the microfiber fabric blend. These cloths are crafted from 87% polyester and 13% polyamide microfibers.

This proprietary blend creates a high-quality microfiber that is uniquely soft, extremely absorbent, quick-drying, and durable. The fine microfiber weave acts like a magnet to lift away and trap dirt, oil, and liquids.

Each washcloth can hold up to 7 times its weight in fluid. So you can quickly clean up spills and messes with one swipe. The microfiber construction also makes these cloths fast-drying compared to regular cotton towels and washcloths.

The Orighty microfiber material is super gentle. These soft cloths are ideal for sensitive facial skin, blotting make-up, or as a baby washcloth.

Convenient Size for Portability

The 12 by 12 inch size makes the Orighty washcloths crazy convenient for on-the-go use.

Toss a microfiber cloth in your purse, backpack, gym bag, or luggage take it anywhere. Keep one handy in the car for unexpected messes and to wipe down surfaces.

The palm-sized shape takes up little space but offers big cleaning power. Unfold a cloth to access the full 12-inch size whenever you need a larger cleaning surface.

The lightweight microfiber material takes up barely any space while packing or carrying. You’ll always have a clean cloth ready for a quick refresh or cleanup while on the go.

50 Pack Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloths

The Orighty Microfiber Washcloths Set includes 50 ultra soft cloths so you’ll always have a clean one available.

Keep washcloths handy to replace paper towels and single use wipes. Use these reusable microfiber towels for all your daily cleaning needs:

Facial washcloths – Gently cleanse and exfoliate skin
Bath and shower towels – Lather up with your favorite soap or body wash
Gym and sports towels – Stay refreshed during workouts or at sporting events
Baby washcloths – Clean delicate baby skin gently
Makeup removal pads – Remove makeup cleanly without tugging at skin
Kitchen towels – Wipe up spills and clean counters
Electronic wipes – Safely remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints from phones, tablets, TVs, and computers
Car cleaning – Keep your car interior crumb and smudge free
With 50 washcloths you’ll be set for every use. Keep multiples handy in key places – the bathroom, kitchen, car, office, nursery, and more.

Easy Care Microfiber Material

The Orighty microfiber washcloths are built to last. They are exceptionally durable and can withstand many machine washing and drying cycles.

These cloths hold up well over time without losing their softness or absorbency. Frequent washing actually helps restore the microfiber material’s cleaning capabilities.

Caring for these cloths is effortless. Simply toss them in the washing machine and dryer as needed. The microfiber fabric allows them to dry quickly so they are ready to go again fast.

Thanks to the quality microfiber material, with proper care these washcloths will maintain their soft, absorbent quality for years of daily use.

Why Choose Orighty Microfiber Washcloths?

Value set of 50 multipurpose cleaning and drying cloths
Crafted from ultra-soft absorbent microfiber
Conveniently compact 12×12 inch size
Reusable and machine washable for daily use
Gentle on skin yet tough on dirt and grime
Keep clean anytime, anywhere with the Orighty Microfiber Washcloths Towels Set. Order a value pack today and be prepared with a fresh soft cloth for every purpose.


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