ORGANICA Organic Cotton Threading Cord – 300m Spools for Eyebrows, Face, and Body



Experience the ancient hair removal technique of threading with ORGANICA 100% Organic Cotton Threading Cord. This traditional twisting method removes hair directly from the follicle for precise, clean results.

ORGANICA threading cord comes in convenient 300 meter spools, providing plenty of high quality thread for eyebrows, upper lips, chin, forehead, and body.

How Does Threading Work?

Threading dates back centuries in Eastern cultures. The hand technique uses 100% cotton thread twisted and rolled over unwanted hair to lift it directly from the root.

Unlike waxing and plucking, threading doesn’t break hair mid-shaft. Removing the entire strand prevents ingrown hairs and allows for slower regrowth. The precision technique also eliminates grazing or pinching skin.

For beginners, practice the wrist rolling motions on your arm to master the technique. Then remove facial and body hair in the direction of growth for minimal discomfort. See videos online demonstrating proper threading methods.

Why Choose ORGANICA?

100% Organic Cotton – Gentle on skin
Strong and durable for twisting
No dyes, bleaches or chemicals
Preferred traditional material
Benefits of Threading:

Precise hair removal strand-by-strand
Minimizes ingrown hairs
Slows regrowth; lasts longer than waxing
Works on fine hairs other methods miss
Gentle on sensitive areas
Zero chemicals
Shape and define eyebrows, remove upper lip hair, clean up chin and forehead fuzz, and more with the ancient art of threading. ORGANICA provides premium quality organic cotton cords to allow you to experience this traditional technique at home.


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